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  • Alien speed in online races

    Votes: 60 33.0%
  • Super expensive high-end hardware

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RaceRoom update 16th Sept.2021 & Hotfix 17th.

Kenny Paton

Hotfix 17th September

BuildID = 7376598
Client version =

- Nogaro - Fixed HUD trackmap alignments
- Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Fixed a crash when using Hard compound tyres
- Fixed an issue with the AUTO setting of steering angle for the Fanatec CSL DD
- Fixed a masked camera that could show up when cycling through onboard cameras using Insert key
- Fixed a "Disconnected" message that would appear on the lower left side of the screen when spectating a multiplayer race using an ultrawide resolution ratio.

Update 16th September
Download size = 1.5 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 7369857
Dedi version = 78.0.1328
Dedi BuildID = 7369871

  • New track release: Nogaro (Circuit Paul Armagnac) - Known issue : HUD trackmaps are misaligned and will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.
  • New layout for Nuerburgring : Muellenbachschleife (free upgrade to all owners of Nuerburgring)
  • Added logging to further investigate reports of crashes at the end of Multiplayer race sessions
  • Fixed a game crash that could occur when switching the game from one monitor to another
  • Paul Ricard - Red and Blue runoff material properties are now simulated
  • Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Car setup polish
  • Tatuus F4 - Car setup polish to make it less edgy
  • AI - Porsche 964 - Reduced AI pace a bit in high speed turns
  • AI - Volkswagen Scirocco - Reduced AI pace a bit in high speed turns
  • AI - Spa-Francorchamps AI tweaks
  • AI - Monza GP AI Tweaks
  • Controllers - Default profile for Fanatec CSL DD now uses the deviceID for the wheelbase while it’s set to PC mode instead of CSW Compatible mode
I bought the new Merc. Oddly they wanted about £5 for it solo, but if I bought it as part of the GT4 pack (which I already had everything except a couple of BMW liveries - bought 'everything' a few months ago) it was discounted to only £1. It's a great car, lots of fun.

Can't say I'm too fussed about Assen or Nogaro. I'd really love them to add some period tracks (and more classic cars for that matter). I prefer my tracks to have lots of fast sweepers and elevation changes so period versions of Spa, Watkins Glen, Zandvoort, Osterreichring and Kayalami would be perfect.

It's a pity most sims don't offer these as it's such a unique advantage of the medium, and doesn't compromise the simulation aspect as such. Virtual racing doesn't need lots of runoff, and very few tracks became more fun through the addition of chicanes and other safety measures. Period cars usually feel a bit lost and unnatural on Tilkedromes as well.

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
It is refreshing to see regular updates on a SIM that has been with us for so long. Their is nothing seriously wrong with R3E, but still they keep improving it, month after month.
The last FFB upgrade was a big one, not necessary, as R3E FFB was always good in my book, still they made it better yet, kudos.
I hope they will be rewarded with a growing player base as a thank you for their dedication and efforts and for making content bought years ago still relevant today.