RaceRoom Racing Experience Update Released

Ryan Ogurek

Apr 13, 2014
R3E new.jpg

Sector 3 Studios has released a much anticipated update for RaceRoom Racing Experience today, which includes the long awaited WTCC pack.

Here's the details -

New Features:
- Test Drive. Test any car for free.
- Time of Day. Choose different time of day settings from sunrise to sunset to change the mood of your session.
- Wheel Range in Car Setup. The game now automatically detects and sets the ideal wheel range for a car based on your wheel and its settings in the driver. This can also be manually changed in car setup.

New Content:
- WTCC Seat Leon
- WTCC Chevrolet Cruze
- WTCC Lada Granta
- WTCC BMW E90 320
- WTCC Honda Civic

- Fixed an issue where the grid positions were not based on qualifying performance of the drivers when doing Single Race without Qualifying.
- Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck with an “Already in a competition” message when entering a competition, backing out of it from car/livery selection menu and then trying to enter another competition.
- Fixed an issue where user could not change the value in brake vibration under FFB settings.
- Fixed an issue where during rolling start on Zandvoort, AI would finish their first lap when crossing the start line.
- Added code to automatically set wheel range and steering lock if the steering wheel supports it.
- Added steering setup screen under Car setup.
- Added so the user can override default wheel range and steering lock on a per car basis.
- Enabled Car setup for everyone (goes directly to steering setup if in novice or amateur)
- Removed steering lock from Control Set (Since it's now stored per car if the user override the default value).
- Decreased font size on car setup steeppers if the text doesn't fit
- Fixed issue with timing screen scroll position
- Fixed issue with steering wheel spinning by itself in race monitor.
- Updated localisation.
- Fixed so that the default control sets now show up in the menus if 1 of the devices that it's using have been connected.

- Added livery id checks when clients join MP servers as opposed to just checking whether the user owns the content or not.

AI & Audio & Physics & Controllers & Camera
- Increased AI type grip on all cars.
- Tweaked AI speed in Hungaroring.
- Tweaked Suzuka Get Real AI speed.
- Corrected front right spring strength and spring rates of Audi R8 Lms Ultra GTM.

- Updated Monza with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
- Updated Hungaroring with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.
- Updated Suzuka with new road shader, optimizations for performance and ffb.

- Removed Dashboard.
- Newsfeed is now under My Profile.
- Changed the look and feel of the portal store page and portal menus.
- Added News & deals section.
- Implemented Test Drive.
- Implemented Time of day support.
- Various optimizations in the backend.
- Fixed so that the big livery image is properly centered.
- Made the default livery clickable again for a larger image.
- Fixed a scaling issue on images that appeared in favourite cars.
- Fixed alignment issues on popups about required content to join an event.
- Added Resend Activation Email Functionality when user tries to login with an account that is not yet activated.

Check back in a few days for our review!

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Stefan Mizzi

Jun 4, 2011
Nice! :thumbsup: I'm trying to test drive some cars but cannot find this option....tried all sessions but no free test available...am I missing something? :O_o:

Peter Stokman

Mar 18, 2013
just go to Cars where you see all cars also the ones u own and there below is the option


Wheel Rotator
Apr 24, 2013
now another 43MB of load. Some better-betters?


Aug 29, 2014
The last 2 months i was only on AC. but after these updates ,I have set Sunrise on Mount panorama with Capri , the FFB is amazing, they make auto degrees on every car. Now all is perfect .
Long time ago i asked for AC physics and FFB, P.C. graphics and R3E sounds.
happy to see that R3E is slowly geting all of these .
Right now overall its the best for me. I will wait to see the next big AC update to.

Thanks Sector 3

Phil Davies

May 4, 2011
I was an Avid AC fan,I am now also a RRE fan,It's great to find a sim you connect with,But to have two is awesome,For me this has been a great year for race sims,and things are still getting better and better.Great work Sector 3 and Thank you.