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RaceRoom Racing Experience Small Updates

Update details:
Download size = 100MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 6925412


FFB - Stationary friction effect now fully turns off when it is set to 0%
FFB - Fixed reports of "no FFB" for some wheelbases. Users experiencing no FFB should try to reset to the default profile for their wheelbase after this update.
Possible fix for an issue spotted at the end of race session where cars could be seen shooting into the air.
Menus - Added icon helpers to garage menu buttons
Menus - Disabled jumping to keys when pressed in keybinds as a temporary fix for pedal signal jitters registered sometimes at the same time as buttons
Menus - Fixed a typo in German localization for "Geist anzeigen"
DTM 2020 - Tweaks to differential
Group C - Tweaks to differential
Porsche 911 RSR GTE - Fixed a decal on the seat that would still be rendered while the seat itself was disabled in visual settings.

Update details:
Download size = 200MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 6937443


FFB - tied engine vibration effect to engine inertia, so electric cars get almost zero while a big V8 gets more
Menu - Added a cockpit camera pitch control in the FOV section
Menu - Added possibility to also unpause by pressing the Pause control again
Menu - Hidden the Gamepad rumble toggle if current controller is not a gamepad
Menu - Hidden the Triple Screen setup menu while in VR
Menu - The Options menu now remembers the last used tab
Menu - Add background to garage menu in VR as the panning cameras were reported as inducing motion sickness. We will make those intro cameras static in a future update
Menu - Added FFB Meter and FFB Multipliers binds to FFB options page
Menu - Re-enabled "jump to bind" feature when a button is pressed but we now ignore most common axis binds to prevent sudden jumps reported on some controllers
Possible fix for some AI's seen jumping in certain occasions
Localization - Fixed german localization for "Geist anzeigen"
Hockenheim - Fixed the outside curb of the stadium entrance that had a lost polygon of surface material shooting cars into space
Sparks - Made sparks coming from AI's more likely to occur for FR90, DTM 2020, P1, P2, Group 5, Group C, FR-J, FR-2, FR-3
Update details:
Download size = 530MB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 7009920

  • VR - Disabled fly-by cameras as background of menus to prevent motion sickness
  • Prevented the Pause keybind from being available initially on garage menu
  • DTM 2020 - Fixed DRS / Aero issues, smoother gearchanges, improvements to default car setup
  • Tatuus F4 - Tweaks to default car setup for increased stability
  • Nordschleife 24H - AI improvements
  • Zandvoort - Extended the pitwall at the exit of the pitlane to prevent an exploit