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RaceRoom Racing Experience | Significant Sound Improvements Headline New Update

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Sector3 Studios have today dropped a new update for their RaceRoom Racing Experience simulation - adding plenty of new improvements as well as adding the LADA Vesta to the growing list of free content.
  • Lada Vesta touring car now available as free content.
  • Significant sound improvements across the game.
  • Various AI fixes and art updates.

A new and substantial update has been released for RaceRoom Racing Experience today. Weighing in at no less than 5.7GB, the update contains a mix of both content and quality of life improvements to the simulation - the undisputed headline of which has to be yet more improvements to the already outstanding audio within the title. Yes, the racing game with arguably the best audio experience in the business has somehow been improved even further - with Sector3 having added various new effects and samples to R3E in what should be a nice step up in immersion for players to experience when out on track.

RaceRoom Middle.jpg

Although this is a sizeable update and we alluded to new content at the start of the article, that content isn't quite in a playable yet. This update has added the 2020 specification DTM cars from Audi and BMW, however these are still being worked on by the Studio and will only immediately be available in competitions, with single player content DLC release expected later in the year.

Other highlights from the new build include various art passes to update select tracks within the title, AI improvements at some tracks and more minor tweaks and adjustments across the game.

You can check out the full update notes from Sector3 Studios below:

RaceRoom Update Notes (26.08.20)

  • Lada Vesta is now free to play with 2 liveries, playable against WTCR car classes.
  • Prepared content for upcoming DTM 2020 competitions
  • Sounds - Cockpit cameras now feature backfire samples specific to the interior of the car, bringing extra life and vibrance.
  • Sounds - New lot of samples for backfires and made their patterns richer. Amount of backfire is car dependant and much more diverse than before.
  • Sounds - Brake disk whine samples volume is now affected by the brake disk temperature. New recordings of brake whines for GT cars.
  • Sounds - New fuel pumps samples
  • Sounds - New gravel sound samples.
  • Sounds - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup - New sound recordings
  • Drag Reduction System and Push to Pass are now split in two unique control bindings
  • Added a key binding for FFB Multiplier, allowing to adjust this setting from inside the car.
  • Moved some old HUD overlays to the butterHUD system (Traction Control, Brake Bias)
  • Disabled the in-game screenshot capture system, as it caused conflicts with and was inferior in quality to Steam’s own screenshot capturing. Visit your Steam client settings menu to bind a key and select a folder for your screenshots.
  • Changed so the graphics_options.xml located in your Documents folder now contains variable names, making it easier to edit some settings through notepad.
  • Dedicated server - Scheduler - Improvements to handling of different time zones between browser and host machine
  • AI - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup + Sprint - Tweaks to improve their handling of slow turns
  • AI - DEKRA Lausitzring - Fixed AI braking later than the pit lane entrance gate.
  • AI - Dubai - Fixed some broken waypoint that was causing AI’s to stop driving
  • AI - Nordschleife - Calmed down some AI’s around the Adenauer forest.
  • Art - DEKRA Lausitzring - Fixed the sudden disappearance of certain track objects while sitting in the gravel in turns 8 and 10.
  • Art - Sachsenring - Updates to bring it to 2020 visuals.
  • Art - Spa-Francorchamps - Updates to bring it to 2020 visuals
  • Renamed Mazda Laguna Seca into Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available now, available exclusively on PC.

Want to get the most from the sim? Head over to the RaceRoom Racing Experience sub forum here at RaceDepartment and start up a new thread - get involved with the community today!

RaceRoom Footer.jpg

Cote Dazur

SIM Addict
So we have 6 versions of tires from none to V5.
Which one is considered 'updated' as of December physics update, V5 only?

That is a good question, the situation is very murky. On purpose?

I am impressed by how the DTM 2020 are driving, I have to admit.

Overall I like all cars in R3E, as opposed to other SIM where you never know what a car is going to be like before trying it and a lot of car are really average, when not just weird, R3E, to me, is very consistent and consistently good.
When I drive in R3E, it always make sense and the FFB is always nice and comfortable.
IN VR, even tough it is not suppose to be advanced, it looks excellent, with the newer cockpit being quite nice to look at and very immersive to drive.
I do not drive it as much as I appreciate it, but it is mostly because it is limited in content variety and the low number of complete series grid.

UMC 22

So we have 6 versions of tires from none to V5.
Which one is considered 'updated' as of December physics update, V5 only?
The post containing that spreadsheet was last edited 23rd May 2020, so it's pretty much up to date. Anything on v4 has the latest physics, everything else is on older versions. I'm guessing anything that is blank is either on an even earlier version, a unique-to-class version, or Alex simply doesn't know.

Wilko Jones

'Added a key binding for FFB Multiplier, allowing to adjust this setting from inside the car.'
This has got my vote for awsomeness :geek::thumbsup::thumbsup:...hope it has 2 keys 'FFB Mult Increase' and 'FFB Mult decrease'...Edit: and it has :inlove:

A fantastic update all round and improving on Audio that was already legendary, awesome :inlove::thumbsup:...great work as always Sector 3.

I have to look into this. I'm tired of starting a practice session and going back to the pits, just to lower the FFB. Now is this per car, or global?