RaceRoom Racing Experience | New Hotfix Update Deployed

I won forty notes on a football bet so spent that on vRP and grabbed the Premium Pack to own all content; vRP reduction + Steam Sale + free money = #WINNER!

Had a quick blast in some random cars on some random tracks against the AI, jumped on a Ranked Server and had a decent race (well I won so it's gonna be decent!) and then did a bit of Leaderboard action which was cool.

Love the fact I can jump into this Sim after a fair few weeks away and it takes just seconds to get up and running again, flicking between this AMS2 & RF2 is a doddle - Happy Days!

Are you on VR, Triple Monitors, Ultrawides or ... ?

  • VR

    Votes: 337 36.6%
  • Triples

    Votes: 167 18.1%
  • Ultrawide

    Votes: 199 21.6%
  • Single Screen / Other

    Votes: 219 23.8%