RaceRoom Racing Experience: June 2015 update released

Jay Ekkel

Nov 5, 2007

Sector3 Studios have released a new update for RaceRoom Racing Experience adding new content, fixes and the long awaited dedicated server.

New content
Prepared the game for upcoming releases and special events related to WTCC and DTM.

  • Brand new transmission model feat. drivetrain elasticity calculations
  • Brand new backfire system
  • A.I. logic improvements “Smooth Operator”
  • Old “green orb” menu design is now gone.
  • Implemented Experience switcher. Game now starts in RaceRoom Experience and player can switch directly to another experience using the buttons on top of the screen.
  • Optimization of the whole client-server communication for a smoother and faster browsing of the menus (should also reduce timeouts during peak hours).
  • Optimized loading times. (It may still be slow the first time as the shaders will need to be built)
  • Implemented dog box transmission, allowing upshifts without clutch engaged.
  • Updated steer ratio speed for gamepads to allow gamepad users to make it around tight hairpins.
  • Added new advanced controller options for adjusting clutch biting point.
  • Added new advanced controller option for double shift prevention on worn out controllers.
  • Added new advanced controller options to adjust Upper dead zones for brake and clutch axis. (useful for adjusting the required pressure on load cell brake pedals)
  • Removed deadzone for mouse steering.
  • Fixed so axis deadzones are setup properly when reconnecting devices.
  • Fixed spacing issue in active devices when having multiple devices connected.
  • Added new graphic option adjusting the amount of rendered cars around the player.
  • Added new sound options for transmission whine, wind, RoadFeel sound effects (car body rattle), suspension squeaks and backfires.
  • Cleaned up code in game startup. Merged preload screen and title screen.
  • Updated startup image and desktop icon.
  • Fixed a shadow issue where wrong lod was being used in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue with free flight camera when pausing/unpausing.
  • Player can now jump the start in Get Real if flag rules are enabled.
  • Game now forces auto-clutch to be ON when using auto gearbox.
  • Improved protection of track files.
  • Fixed the selection of liveries for AI drivers that wasn’t random.
  • Fixed a small issue with lap counter in pause menu.
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when going through saved championships and there’s no participants.
  • Fixed AI pitting twice to change tyres within a small window.
  • Fixed DTM 14 AI using two sets of Option tyres.
  • Fixed Instant replay not working in some game modes.
  • Fixed crashes that were occurring when loading certain replays.
  • Fixed an issue with menus sometimes not rendering properly after switching video settings.
  • Fixed an issue where some car parts were still not re-attached to the car after repairing aero damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the default view was turned to the left on unsupported controllers with certain keys unbound.
  • Fixed an issue where driving camera would become offset when using freecam with mouse steering active.
  • Fixed an issue where controller ID’s were not being assigned/loaded correctly for keybinds.
  • Fixed Disqualified text not fitting properly in overlays.
  • Text inside click buttons will now auto resize.
  • Log files now use date and time in name instead of appending a number and. Also changed the way we handle logs.
  • Fixed numpads not controlling the cameras in Race Monitor.
  • Multiplayer Dedicated Server is now available on Steam under tools in Library. (RaceRoom Dedicated Server)
  • Implemented garage phase; a minute long phase before the race starts where players can set up tyres, pit preset and car setup. Race starts when all players are ready or when time runs out.
AI, Physics & Audio
  • Improved AI throttle/brake control.
  • Improved AI reaction to over/understeer.
  • Fixed so AI don’t react to cars off track.
  • Fixed so AI do not brake during rolling start.
  • [Laguna Seca] A.I. improvements and cut track detection modification
  • [Salzburgring] Fixed pit speed limit showing when driving close to pit lane.
  • [Salzburgring] Tweaked AI speed in various turns.
  • [Suzuka] Tweaked AI speed.
  • [All cars] Updated data for new transmission model
  • [All cars] Added new samples for backfires, suspensions and revlimiter
  • [BMW 320 Turbo] Various gear ratio tweaks.
  • [BMW 320 Turbo] New revlimiter sound sample
  • [Fabcar] Corrected weight distribution. Adjusted gear ratios.
  • [Fabcar] Tweaked revlimiter as it was hitting the limiter too often.
  • [Group 5 cars] Removed ability to use Traction Control
  • [Group 5 cars] Rebalanced AI behaviour vs player.
  • [RUF RT12R] Tweaked the default car setup.
  • [Alpina B6] Lowered intensity on the front intake
  • [Audi 90q (GTO)] Various art fixes
  • [Audi V8 DTM92] Livery fixes.
  • [BMW 320 Turbo] Various art fixes.
  • [BMW 635] Fixed an issue with fog lights.
  • [BMW M1 Procar] Various livery fixes
  • [BMW Z4 GT3] Fixed a black stain on the rear mirror
  • [Chevrolet Dekon Monza] Fixed speed gauge range and cockpit windows banner text being flipped
  • [DTM 13/14] Bigger flames for backfires (experimental)
  • [Fabcar 935] Lowered reflection on front intake; various livery fixes
  • [Ford GT1] Fixed wheel arches appearing too reflective
  • [Group 5 cars] Bigger flames for backfires (experimental)
  • [McLaren MP4-12C] Lowered reflection on air hose
  • [Mercedes SLS] Fixed a misaligned sticker.
  • [Nissan Silvia] Fixed various holes reported in the cockpit; fixed a shadow lod issue
  • [Nissan Skyline 2000RS] Fixed a LOD issue in the rear of the car and some gauges needle in the dashboard
  • [Bathurst] Various art bugs including wrong sun position
  • [Brands Hatch Indy] Road shader update, added far vegetation and various bug fixes
  • [Hockenheim] DTM 2015 theme
  • [Hungaroring] WTCC 2014 theme, fixed numerous bugs (LODs, clipping, shaders), improved performance (optimized collision, removed audience from rearview), 2014 track updates
  • [Indianapolis] Various bugfixes including dropshadows for walls, u.s. flag, removed flat audience shadow cast, cleaned up scenes, fixed pitwall, and collisions
  • [Laguna Seca] 2014 updates (mostly track adverts), added brakemarkers, removed flat audience shadow cast
  • [Lausitzring] fixed some flickering overlays, fixed missing generics, removed dtm curb from GT Masters version in T1, shader tweaks, pitlights are now working, mapping tweaks, Various art fixes.
  • [Oschersleben] DTM 2015 theme, fixed some generics not showing, fixed ao, added missing pitwall hut, added pitlights, other various bug fixes,
  • [Mid Ohio] added US flag on building, various art fixes
  • [Monza] Various art fixes
  • [Moscow] WTCC 2014 and DTM 2015 themes, 2014 track updates (new sound wall), various art bug fixes
  • [Norisring] DTM 2015 theme
  • [Nuerburgring] DTM 2015 theme
  • [RedBull Ring] DTM 2015 theme
  • [Salzburgring] Various art fixes.
  • [Sonoma] Fixed some fences that were missing collision, and tucked in a tyrewall in which AI kept colliding, various other fixes
  • [Zandvoort] - Small curbs update, New scheivlak house, Removed funky dip in chicane, Changed banking of final turn exit (more camber onto straight), and other bugfixes.
  • [Zolder] - Various art fixes
  • Refactored code to improve loading times of store page.
  • Refactored code to improve sluggish experience menus.
  • Implemented asynchronous purchase calls between portal backend and system backend to reduce waiting times upon purchases.
  • Favorite cars in user profiles now show the specific livery instead of the main livery of the car.
  • Added various partners to partners page (WIP). You can subscribe to partners to get more news about them in your newsfeed.
  • Various store fixes when adding duplicate items.
  • Fixed newsfeed showing incorrect event date time.
  • Fixed leaderboard layout name not showing track name.
  • Fixed item info on competitions where user does not own the content.
  • Fixed links to dashboard resulting in error 500.
  • Updated youtube API to bring back youtube videos in portal.
  • Fixed an issue where championship load/save screen would appear repeatedly when trying to cancel it after exiting a championship session.
  • Added filtering and search functionality to partner pages.
  • Fixed an issue with leaderboard not updating difficulty when backing out from game launcher
  • Fixed only having one car class available in Leaderboard challenge on certain cases.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't see the dedicated server app in your steam tools library yet, you can get manually via https://steamdb.info/app/354060/
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All the gear, no idea...
Jan 13, 2014
if only i could actually get on to play it, ive had error 503 and now error 500, what happened to those server upgrades that were mentioned in the dev stream


Apr 1, 2015
Ok judging by the error messages, and the fact Netflix is tempting me right now maybe I'll wait a couple of days longer ;)

Shannon Flynn

When in doubt, pass out.
Mar 8, 2009
The dedi server app is not yet visible in my tools library, and I don't quite understand the "IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't see the dedicated server app in your steam tools library yet, you can get manually via steam://install/354060" part.

Where in god's name does one plug in this path?
Probably obvious, but, erm....

Shannon Flynn

When in doubt, pass out.
Mar 8, 2009
The dedi server app is not yet visible in my tools library, and I don't quite understand the "IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't see the dedicated server app in your steam tools library yet, you can get manually via steam://install/354060" part.

Where in god's name does one plug in this path?
Probably obvious, but, erm....
Hate to quote myself :)
SKRO answered this question over on the official forums.

"For those who wants to download the dedi server in the meantime this is the right link to download the tool


Apr 22, 2014
started, but in steam library I dont seen raceroom dedicated server.

Jay Ekkel

Nov 5, 2007
the error 500 and 503 are being looked at by the guys.
We have received reports from users getting the 503 error on start-up and after gameplay. The issue turns out to be more complex then we initially thought and hoped for.

After a long and hard deployment day, we believe it is better that we continue to fix this tomorrow with a fresh pair of eyes and brain.

We will have a stint of much needed shut eye and be back guns blazing in the office tomorrow morning first thing to squash this one.

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused to the people that are eager to get in and check the latest and greatest out.


The Sector3 Studios team
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Nov 26, 2010
Each day has enough trouble of its own, Jay and team.
Good night. ;)

Terry Rock

Oct 24, 2009
RRE2 remains the most under-utilized game for me.
I simply cannot get it to stay running most times.
It will just shut down sometimes.
All the cars I bought are for naught.
Mar 21, 2014
Once everything is working, we should get an online race going, based on total laps of all participants. named "Raceroom Racing Experience Error 500"
20 participants, 25 laps = 500 laps total. :laugh:


Oct 6, 2010
Still downloading. Hope I don't get any errors, but otherwise the changes seem spot on. Hope the AI behave better now.

Nope: 500 error. I guess I'll have to wait.
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