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Raceroom open wheelers are the best

I got a new Thrustmaster TMX Pro set, which is great for all games but Codemasters F1....I cannot be bothered spending 2 hours to adjust the wheel....and it still sucks. Too bad, I like those games.
Having said that, I did a cruise through my sims to find my favorite Formula cars.
My usual fave is AMS, which is heavy on open wheelers and I enjoy them all, especially the F3, Classic and Retro. AC's various open wheelers are also good and there are some very good mod cars, like the F3.
I ran through the various open wheelers I have in RRE ( FJR, F2, X-17, FRUS) and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed all of these cars more than the other sims. The feel is really good and they all have their own character. With my new wheelset, these are now my faves.
It's a tough crowd in simworld, but these cars are outstanding.
Yes, open wheelers are the best in the Raceroom imo. I run F1 (X-17) and Formula 4 and feel speed and force of the car. Finally, I think force feedback in Raceroom is better than in the others sims. After long time I try Formula hybrid in Assetto Corsa but car was ...very "impotent" and "inefficient" (my impression) in the comparison with formulas in the Raceroom. I race formulas in AMS and there are little bit better than in AC, but generally my feeling is like driving on the ice, or on the glass. In Raceroom are this cars more stable imo.

There is only one advantage for AMS: with skins is possible to sim real F1 season 2019. I think its more enjoyable race with real names and liveries. This is maybe way for Raceroom unlicensed cars like formula X-17 - give people ability to modding. From driving and "physics" point of view are Raceroom formulas unmatched.