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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    Sector3 Studios have released the Match 2018 patch for RaceRoom Racing Experience, including adding the Zhuhai International Circuit to the RaceRoom store.

    Coming to the RaceRoom Racing Experience store today is the 4.319km Grand Prix layout of the Zhuhai International Circuit. Retailing for £3.53 and consisting of 14 turns, Zhuhai is one of the most high profile racing circuits and home to many top national and international racing series.

    As well as the latest track addition to the simulation comes a sizable game update that focuses on various fixes and improvements to the core gameplay mechanics, including some useful improvements to VR support and yet more AI tweaks, especially around both fuel and tyre wear.

    You can check out the update notes below:

    • Added support for Thrustmaster TS PC Racer in “Advanced Mode”
    • Added support for colored rev LED’s on Fanatec CSL Steering wheel P1 (Xbox & PS4)
    • Game now properly clears the digits shown on the display of Fanatec rims upon closing.
    • Turned off Fanatec’s built-in auto-centering of the wheel.
    • Increased the default steering lock for gamepad users to 13 after feedback that 8 was too low.
    • Cut penalties are now decided by the game when the car has rejoined the track at racing speed, preventing cases where a penalty could sometimes be handed out to a car in an unfair manner.
    • Fixed incident reporting in Multiplayer results that would list all incidents in one and unique lap.
    • Fixed a case where a player could sometimes be handed a penalty upon spawning on the grid for the race start.
    • Fixed a case where "DRS Activated" HUD message could remain stuck on screen when manually shutting DRS off.
    • Fixed a case where player was unable to repair a broken front wing in Formula X-17, US or 2.
    • Fixed a timing issue on tracks like Nordschleife VLN / 24H that would occur when player did an outlap after pitting.
    • AI - Improved fuel calculations for pitstop decisions
    • AI - Improved tyre wear calculations for pit decisions
    • AI - Fixed a wrong AI behavior where it would fail to brake when caught out of fuel
    • AI - Further improvements to their behaviour when cars are on different lines.
    • AI - Improved pitlane entering behaviour on tracks such as Silverstone where AI could be sometimes seen braking in the middle of the track to make it into the pitlane entrance.
    • AI - Various DRS and Push to Pass logic improvements
    • AI - Fixed a case where, on track layouts like Nordschleife VLN, AI could sometimes be seen having trouble avoiding cars coming out of pitlane.
    • AI - Fixed a case where, in a replay, the data display in the cockpit camera would not match what the AI is doing.
    • AI - Fixed so refueling is always allowed in practice / qualifying, no matter the car class, preventing AI’s of classes like DTM being caught running out of fuel on longer sessions
    • AI - Allowed AI to enter pitlane through any entrance if more than one exists (i.e. - VLN / 24H Nordschleife)
    • Reduced the dropping / bouncing that could occur when car is spawning on track
    • Triple Screen - Improvement to the balance between clipping through objects close to camera and flickering of distant textures.
    • VR - Fixed a case where shadows would not render within a certain perimeter around the player.
    • VR - Fixed some window textures not showing transparency when they should
    • VR - Race ending phase no longer shows a moving TV camera
    • Massive update to french localization in both game and portal sides.

    Sound, Physics & AI:
    • Audi V8 DTM ‘92 - Fixed an issue with rate at which the tires were getting worn
    • BMW M1 Procar - Adjusted AI braking distances
    • Group 5 cars - Adjusted AI braking distances
    • GTO cars - Adjusted AI braking distances
    • Formula RaceRoom X-17 - Fixed engine that could easily overheat and take damage.
    • Formula RaceRoom 2 - Improved AI’s respect for opponents.
    • GTR 3 cars - Fixed engine temperature and damage from overheating. Reduced fuel usage.
    • Porsche 911 GT3 R - Adjusted placement of hood camera in triple screen
    • WTCC 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 - Reduced fuel usage
    • Laguna Seca - Fixed AI cutting through the sand when exiting the pitlane through the turn 1 road.
    • Lausitzring GP - Fixed AI that was always a bit slow on the newly added GP layout
    • Macau - Improved speed at which AI enters pitlane.
    • Road America - Moved starting position for leaderboard challenges further towards the S/F line to avoid getting next lap invalidated when doing a mistake in turn 12.
    • Zandvoort - Improvements to cut rules to prevent getting penalties when exiting pitlane and rejoining track in a wild fashion.

    RaceRoom Racing Experience is a free to play racing simulation from Sector3 Studios. Available to download with a limited car and track selection for free, gamers can purchase additional content such as the DTM or World Touring Car Championship DLC for an additional cost.

    If you like RaceRoom and want to keep up to date with all the latest news and discussions, head on over to the RaceRoom Racing Experience sub forum. We host a whole range of top quality club racing events in our Racing Club, plus we offer a great place to hang out and discuss the game with your fellow R3E fans. Pop over and say hello today!

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    Have you tried the new track yet? Are you pleased with the latest update? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. T04STY


    Track is nice!
    It's not that challenging and a bit repetitive but I think it will be good for racing!
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  3. Erik Frisen

    Erik Frisen

    Yup I like the track, not a top 5 or even a top 10 but still quite fun track. And polish of the game is always welcome. Overall nice update.
  4. BigZabar


    No news for Cayman liveries....
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  5. M-Bimmer

    Still on 20” winter tyres. Back to 22” soon

    That’s a major update judging by the changelog.
    Will grab the track once the weekend starts ...See you on track :)
  6. F1Aussie


    Would like to see more features come, they are very slow on this front but churn out the content quick enough
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  7. drako90


    Zhuhai.. The last time I used this circuit was in GTR2 .. Good time to remember :)
    I have a question... Where is Brands Hatch Full layout?! Maybe? Never? :O_o:
    Having only the short version after long long time, is a really bad joke.

    Edit: And any news about the Raceroom "chat room" on servers?
    2 years ago I asked to the developers, and the answer had been "we are working on it, but it is not our priority" .. anyway.. Love this game! ;):p
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
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  8. Lorencini


    I bet you know that the Brands Indy layout is in the game solely because DTM raced this layout in 2013, hence the need to put it in game for their DTM 2013 experience back then.

    Well, rejoice then! DTM announced that they're gonna race at Brands Indy GP in 2018! Now RaceRoom will HAVE to include it in game if they are planning to create a DTM 2018 Experience.

  9. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    I'm pretty sure they no longer have the DTM license, it finished with 2016
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  10. T04STY


    Exactly, they didn't do 2017 cars so I highly highly doubt there will be the 2018 cars. They jumped off that train.
  11. Isaac Chavira

    Isaac Chavira
    Livery Designer Premium

    Bought it and racing it today with the WTCC cars in a 27 lap race.
  12. pk4ever


    Ah the great circuit of Zhuhai, just what we were waiting for. Said no one ever.
    Get Sebring done!!!
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  13. drako90


    Now I have stuttering in some areas at PaulRicard :(
  14. T04STY


    Don't get it then...people are always complaining..
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  15. CC


    Do these guys ever sleep they release a new track every few weeks or so :D
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