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RaceRoom has been updated 31st May 2021

Kenny Paton

Update details:
Download size = 1.7 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 6785299
Dedi version = 75.0.1299
Dedi BuildID = 6785264

Opel Astra TCR, Vålerbanen and a new GT4 BOP

GT4 Base BOP rework:
(all GT4 leaderboards were cleared)
  • All cars - Reduced differences in fuel usage / Fuel tank capacities
  • All cars - Slight reduction of torque and tyre grip
  • All cars - Default tyre pressure changes to improve consistency on longer runs.
  • BMW M4 GT4 - Reduced downforce
  • KTM - Slightly less downforce on the front, slightly more drag
  • Lotus Evora - Power increase
  • Porsche 718 - Increased downforce, increased drag, increased torque, reduced weight
  • Porsche 981 MR - Reduced torque, reduced downforce, increased weight

Other changes:
  • Added content for upcoming ADAC GT3 and GT4 esport series
  • Added content for upcoming store releases
  • Fixed dark cars on Road America when real time reflections were disabled.
  • Spectator - Fixed Qualifying results disappearing from broadcast overlays as soon as the session timer hits zero.
  • Spectator - Made the steering animations smooth while looking at cockpit onboard cameras
  • Rolling Starts - Fixed an issue with H-shifting where the car would make unnecessary gearshifts while under AI control if shifter was not in 1st or Neutral.
  • Rolling Starts - Fixed the last reported issues with regards to players disconnecting from the starting grid, causing some traffic jams.
  • Dedicated Server - Fixed an issue with results from race 1 being duplicated.
  • Dedicated Server - Fixed pitstops not always registering in results files
  • Pitlane speed limiter - Helped with some players still getting caught going above 60kph limits after accelerating a lot and overshooting the limit by making throttle fade out when approaching the speed limit.
  • Single Player Championships - Fixed an issue where an “Invalid lap” would be presented at the start of a race.


1.7 GB, another overnight download on DSL. :(
Is every update a complete download of RR?
Eagerly awaiting a Starlink ground station.

UMC 22

Good to know, still the new upgrade did not recognize my wheel at first and now that it does, the FFB feels very different. Coincidence?
Possibly, or maybe the result of a corrupt file which is now working correctly? But it's not the FFB update, as you can see from date and the patch notes. A major FFB rework is a headline, not something you'd forget to mention after announcing it a week ago. ;)

Is every update a complete download of RR?
R3E is over 40GB in total, so 1.7GB is nothing. In an update that is adding graphical content (which this one is) it's not surprising, since models and textures always weigh in with the biggest file sizes. Thing is that 1-2GB is hardly unusual for any game update in this day and age. While I understand that some people may still be restricted to slow internet connections, you can't expect developers to base their game development on the download speeds of such users.