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I tried out the Audi in one of the competitions and failed miserably not completing one lap lol
Overall the car felt and sounded great until I went to any gear under 4th...I just kept spinning out coming out of slower corners with any bit of throttle, even 3rd gear was hard to put the power down.
Was using the default setup.

I seem to have lost the little road skills I had in the past yr...maybe I should just stick to fixed setup oval racing? Better yet, maybe I should just take up flight sims Lol
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UMC 22

I tried the BMW at Monza yesterday and did ok. Little awkward exiting the chicanes, but nothing too difficult. I might try the other tracks later but, to be honest, the new DTMs are as I expected... nothing special for me. Audio was fantastic as usual, but to me the cars are pretty meh. I might buy one with a single livery just to run a club event or two, but I'm not interested in the full pack this time.
The new DTM's are very nice...fast, loud, good brakes, but you have to be easy on the throttle. I think driving the Formula Retro in AMS 2 for the last week has helped there :)


Oh yeah, ACC is absolutely fantastic.

Until someone rams into you and sends you flying lol
How is that sim's fault, or you mean you can't setup AI properly (in that case it would be "something").
I have 10 times more contacts with R3E AI than in ACC.
But that took finding right pace (difficulty) and aggression.
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