RaceRoom | December Update and BMW M4 GT4 Coming This Week

Sector3 Studios have confirmed this week will see the release of the BMW M4 GT4 as part of the upcoming December build update for the game.

That's right, having been teased by the studio back in early November, we now finally have a launch date for the upcoming BWM M4 GT4 - this week!

Yes, car number four of the every increasing GT4 category within the game is about to be made available in the oh so very near future, joining forces with the KTM X-Bow, Lotus Evora and Porsche Cayman already released, plus a new 718 Cayman Clubsport that should arrive later in the month - GT4 is certainly growing rapidly within the sim!

While we await the new build update, check out the freshly released trailer for the BMW M4 GT4 below:

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available now exclusively on PC.

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Funny how R3E has the BMW 240i and then rFactor 2 gets the new M2 CS Racing an upgrade from the 240 and at the event in Munich they ran the M2 in rFactor 2 and the M8 in iRacing (when rFactor 2 also has the M8) and now r3E gets the M4 on which the new M2 was referenced...


Yes love the GT4s. R3E, I'd like to order the following.
Mercedes AMG GT4
Audi R8 GT4
Ford Mustang GT4 (yes it does exist in Blancpain America)
Chevy Camaro GT4 (see Ford Mustang)
Ginetta GT4

I thank you.


Any hints on the physics updates? I heard 92 DTM are getting some much needed love. What else is instore for us in this Christmas update?
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