Racer version v0.8.14 released

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    Is it Friday? Yes, so version 0.8.14 of Racer is here! Racer is a free car simulation project, focusing on realism. It also stimulates users to create their own content (cars and tracks) by using simple file formats.
    Racer is not really an arcade game, but more in the Grand Prix Legends style. The focus on realism makes Racer suited for hardcore simfans, automotive engineers, 3D modelers and tweakers (there's a lot to tweak).

    You can download the latest version of Racer via this link. Enjoy

    • Shaders fixed for ATI cards again, so it should run again on that. No shadowmap filtering though; the ATI path doesn't support for-loops, nor PCF for depth filtering. Cg shaders are compiled with '-DATI' when running an ATI card (#ifdef ATI).
    • Tracked & Modeler recompiled for new fmodex.dll
    • Modeler/DOFFix's model optimize now also try to optimize submaterials (Multisub materials where only 1 submaterial is really used). Needed for Swiss Stroll's .dof files.
    • CSM now uses PCF correctly (nVidia only, ATI doesn't seem to support free PCF)
    • Flares reworked a bit regarding visibility, which was with respect to the camera direction, now a view vector from camera->flare. Billboarding keeps normal and direction, to avoid wide flares (like for a 3rd brakelight) to rotate wrt the underlying brakelight geometry.
    • All shaders now render into 1 render target (RT). This had an effect on bloom though, so the bloom brightness pass was modified (in data/renderer/fullscreen_shaders_hdr/bloom_bright_f.cg).This also fixes problems with blending materials, although the shaders will all need to output the base texture's alpha to work correctly when blending.
    • AI didn't reset correctly with Shift-R (it would try to start driving immediately)
    • AI throttle playing before the start is improved
    • Fixed standard_bump*.cg shadow generation, which was non-existant
    • Added 'graph step' variables: susp0.piston_velocity, damper_force, arb_force and length to visualize damper behavior.
    • Sky shaders now 'stick' the Z coordinate to the far plane. This alleviates the need for an internal very far projection matrix, so no projection matrix switching takes place while rendering the scene.
    • Using 2 layers for sky shaders with both layers set to 'depthfunc=always' didn't work correctly and was drawn in 2 passes instead of 1. Fixed (and used in Carlswood_NT).
    • Added shader 'cast_shadow' global option. If set to 1, any geometry with this shader is skipped during the shadow generation phase (so it won't cast a shadow in the final render).
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    Downloading :thumb:
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    Will this work on my old PC? :p