Racer Support -- Starting from which version of Racer?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Juney, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Juney


    For a university research project, my group has to create a track for a driving simulation to improve the eyesight of visually impaired patients. The researchers insist they want to use Racer, which led my group to try out Bob's Track Builder..

    ..But here's the catch. The researchers use Macs. This means we HAVE to make tracks for Racer v0.5.0 (latest stable release for Mac).Yeah, I don't know, don't even ask, lol. It's not my choice. (Although, we believe the researchers use v0.5.4.3, but we can't access that version ourselves)

    When one of my teammates creates a Racer track and loads it in v0.6.5, it works just fine & dandy. However, when I create a track and try to load it in v0.5.0 Racer, it doesn't load the textures (and even though I like the colour red, driving around in a completely red world isn't exactly.. Yeah.).. Then I tried opening it in TrackEd (the Racer program to load models, add splines on the road & define a starting/ending position for the track) it says it can't load the track.

    Any idea what the oldest version of Racer is that BTB tracks support? And if that's v0.6.5, is there any way to work around it, so we can load it in v0.5.0 (or perhaps v0.5.4.3, if we can find that somewhere)?

    NB: We have also contacted the maker of Racer, but have yet to hear from him with a response. The researchers say they have been in contact with him before, but he seems to be a bit MIA from the internet at the moment.


    Also, one more thing, in the tutorial for editing objects the speaker says to press the delete key to delete a selection, but I can press delete all I want and the object isn't going anywhere. Was the functionality removed?