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I couldn't get the search work, so I started a new thread. I downloaded Racer 0.8.9 and unzipped it, but when I opened it, it gave me an error. QLOG says:
Fri Jun 04 14:46:44 (WARN): [racer/3116] DGPUShaderManager:MakeObject(data/renderer/shaders_hdr_csm/shadowmap_debug_f.cg): can't create CG fragment shader program
Fri Jun 04 14:46:44 (INFO): [racer/3116] --- application start ---
Fri Jun 04 14:46:44 (WARN): [racer/3116] DGPUShader::CreateAndLoadFromFile[data/renderer/shaders_hdr_csm/shadowmap_debug_f.cg]: CG ERROR : "The compile returned an error."
Fri Jun 04 14:46:44 (WARN): [racer/3116]   data/renderer/shaders_hdr_csm/shadowmap_debug_f.cg(20) : error C1115: unable to find compatible overloaded function "tex2DARRAY(sampler2DARRAY, float3)"
What could I do? I read the FAQ, but the Vista thread doesn't work. I really enjoyed this game on my old computer, so I'd like to get it to work.


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From what I gather.. 089 is a bit.. iffy at the moment. Try 0.8.8, see if it works lol


Make sure you have a good grphics card, minimum nVidia 8800GT and try version

Also note that Microsoft is no longer supporting the Vista crap OS, I suggest Win 7!


loading Racer 0.8.9 in vista 64 or 32 bit use Raven

really racer 0.8.9 works fine on Vista home premium 64 bit or (x86 - 32 bit - alternative)
firstly use a different track and car by changing them in the racer.ini file.

when I first loaded Racer 0.8.9 I thought it had to do with some setting in the racer.ini file but after extensive reading it's more to do with the "select car" from within the menu than anything else.
To solve this I have used Raven 1.3.1 to load the racer sim directly avoiding the racer menu altogether.
so far it's loaded allmost all of the tracks and cars except the default track and car which comes up with the error in the attached pic.
the default track does load up with other cars but the Lambo unfortunatly does not.

well that's been my finding todate, and there are some other tracks/cars that did not load also.
if your running full screen you might need to hit the "windows Key" on your keyboard to see the error screen hidden behind the load screen of racer that's locked up, when cars and/or tracks are not working.
To my suprise the original "Adeliade Street Circuit" a long lost track that lost it's lighting many Racer versions ago, now works again with about 10-20 pages of Qlog errors depending on the font size, but still driveable.


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