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Racer documentation - all clear?

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by Cosmo°, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Cosmo°


    As there is an obvious demand for it, let's collect points that are either unclear or plain missing from Racer's official documentation site:

    Racer.nl Documentation

    Whether it's missing units for parameters, conflicting information, layout issues or the search function not getting you the desired results, you can post about them here and the community will try to help you out and clear things up. Eventually, we can forward our findings to Ruud, so improvements can be made.

    The more specific your posts are, the easier it will be to respond to them efficiently. Also, if you already have an idea on how to improve, better explain or expand on a topic - please include it in your post.

    Keep in mind that this is not meant to include actual bug reports, feature requests and the likes.

    I'll start:

    Missing unit on engine.rumble_amplitude, can (not) be found at


    Any ideas? It's listed as a force, so Newton probably fits the bill.
  2. Miura


    I've always found the tutorial list confusing. It's hard to find the car.ini reference, for example, when it's in the middle of that long list. Some tutorials seem to be in the wrong places (shader and 3ds Max tutorials in "Gameplay"). Others, like the SCGT importing tutorials, could be on a separate list, since most people will never need them. I don't know what would be a good way to arrange the list, but the most used pages should be easier to find.
  3. boomer541


  4. eschefo


    I never understand the geometrical relationship between Null Point an the vehicle model.
    I don't see anything clear about tire model (relaxation and damping).
    The pacejka is hardous to understand, not only in racer, there are not many clear documentation out of racer (for not proffesionals).
  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Yeah, like he said, pacejka is way over my head. I'd really like some documentation on it - stuff that can be understood by us regular folk lol.
  6. boomer541


    The Null Point is the reference point (usually x=0,y=0,z=0)for the car model and every vertex on the model is a distance away from the N.P. in meters in x,y,z space.
  7. DavidI


    We also need a page that describes the current (read up-to-date) options available in special.ini & other track related ini's similar to the car.ini reference page.
  8. luthobu


    Was browsing racer.nl documentation today and almost had a déja vu experience.
    It is very outdated, there are some updates here and there that are quite hard to
    find, and the overall structure seems.. well.. so 90's :p

    I suggest that Ruud keeps an official, updated and barebones base structure for
    the standard web pages, and adds a wiki with loginbased pr. user authenticated
    editors/moderators for the development/tuning stuff. If Ruud can not set up a wiki
    on his own I can set one up on Alge. My server has been online sine 1994-95 and
    there is really no risk of it disappearing any time soon. I think it would be nice if
    we had a structured and always updated wiki to relate to as it really is quite
    impossible to remember all the tweaks and whatnots.

    It is just a suggestion though.. I'm up for it :)

    Duh. There is one already.. can't believe I forgot that..Zatracerdude posted the
    link some days ago. Strange that I missed it..

    EDIT: I forgot the most important part.. where is the documentation on traffic?
  9. JustinMartin


    Like luthobu said, a wiki would be the best way to do this. ;) Updating the existing RacerWiki (http://pitstop.totalnfs.net/racerwiki) would allow us to include all the detail we want without having to pester Ruud. :thumbsup: It does need some updating, since most of it was written in the 0.5.x days. Some reorganization might help too, and maybe a standard format structure for car.ini values that lists things like name, type (int, float, etc), units, etc followed by the description.
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  10. Mr Whippy

    Mr Whippy

    Wiki would be good to just keep lots of notes per car.ini entry, and add lots of redundancy in there too, so show of wheel blur models, lod's, sound set nesting for cars, etc etc, and so it's a great look up even for people like me who get stuck with what the latest way to do stuff is (stuff has changed lots over 10 years haha)

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