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RaceDepartment Forum Racing Season 8

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Omer Said

Oct 28, 2008
Driver by Driver Review

Sebastien Levret
Awesome performance. Totally dominated the season. And even it was his first real season at Forum Racing. He won consecutive races and he scored at every race. He was a lot faster than his teammate Kyle Evers. With a not so fast Sauber, he got the both titles. He will be the focus of the driver market for next season.

At his first real season he did a marvelous job with his Jaguar. While his teammate got lost after the 3rd round. He managed to compete against Levret for a long time. Actually some unlucky accidents finished his title hopes. Also he gave a great battle against Mclaren drivers for his team Jaguar in Team's Championship. He also will be a really important driver at the driver market for the next season.

Viljar Parts
He past his rookie season last year with a mid season entrance. His real season was this year. He beated his teammate Bert Van Waes and won great races with his problematic Jordan. His accident with Honk at Canada was the unluckiest moment of this season.

Matthew Gutteridge
He was really inconsintent. He could'nt use the limits of his Mclaren. He made many mistakes, but when he finish a race, he always finished at podium. If he learns how to be more consistent, he maybe the next year's favorite driver.

Peter Duivelaar
He was consistent but not enough fast. He could be able to score points almost most of the races. But he never be able to win. His teammate was this year's favorite but he could be able to pass him easily. Next year he will be a good choice as a driver which supports his team with consistent points.

David Buxton
The Legend of the Forum Racing. He has the most of the records. But shamefully, his last 2 seasons were really disappointing for his fans. But at least he rose again at the last races and brung Mclaren the 3rd place in Constructors Championship. There are some gossips about his retirement. We hope this is not true.

Without a team mate, and with a crap Arrows he did whatever he could. First of all he past Ferrari by himself. Also he won a race, other than that his season was not so good. Most of the time he suffered mechanical problems and crashes. With a better car, he will be a good driver for the next season.

Rhys Gardiner
Another winner of interteam challenge. He past his experienced teammate Ben Tusting. And it was even his first season. He scored most of the races. But with always 4ths 5ths or 6ths. That is to say he wasn't fast enough. He was driving very carefully so that he did'nt risked anything. As a rookie he showed that he is a talented racer. Next year, he may get his first victory.

Niels Pedersen
Started the season fast. As he was the favorite of this year. Even scored a win. But then he just disappeared. All of his fans are shocked. He could'nt finish at most of the races. And he failed Renault. Next year everyone waits a return from him.

Ben Tusting
One of the most experienced Forum Racers on the Grid. And he proved it with a victory. But rest of the races weren't so good for him. Most of the time he was beaten by his rookie teammate Gardiner. And this really surprised everyone. But perhaps, next year maybe his year. He has the potential.

Resi Respati
Another one of the most experienced forum racers. Ferrari was an epic fail this season. And he was the part of it. This was a season for him which he must forget. And make us forget it with a better result next year. But truth is, he won't race next year.

Dave Stephenson
He opened the season with an awesome victory. Everyone said " So at last Dave will get his victory at forum racing after so much years. " After a break he returned to Forum Racing this year. But other than his great victory, he could'nt score any points while his teammate Honk wins races. That was a disappointing season for him.

Bert Van Waes

A Rookie which managed to get some points for his team Jordan. He could'nt compete against Viljar but he was at least trying. He showed everybody that he maybe faster with a better car.

Kyle Evers
He was really inconsistent. He even managed to get a podium finish. But that was his only point finish. While his teammate dominated the season, he watched it. He could'nt impress the audience this year.

Garry Pullen

The Most Experienced and a Legend Driver as David Buxton. Last years he disappointed his fans and everyone was waiting a return from him. But he could'nt. He really saw the bottom this year. And he really needs to recover his old reputation next year.

Marcus Probert
Well, was he racing ?!?! No one knows why are those Minardis are bad. But they even could'nt score even a single point.

Like Marcus, a total failure of this season. At his rookie season he could'nt impress anyone. He could'nt finish at all of the races.

Omer Said

Oct 28, 2008
Thank you Kyle,

Let's open the Thread Matt. Give people some time to choose their new teams and teammates :wink:
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