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Racedepartment Football Manager Season 1

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Had things gone my way, who knows..
Nov 11, 2013
Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever season of Racedepartment Football Manager. You can create your own team and buy your dreamplayers. Manage your own team and try to get to the top. This game is simulated by Microsoft Excel.

What I need you to post
- Name/Nationality
- Teamname
- Sponsor

The season will contain home- and away games. We will follow the following points system:

The person who has the most points after the final round will be crowned champion.


When a round starts, it'll be posted in the thread. Then all the matches will be simulated by Microsoft Excel, and the results with the match stats will be posted soon after the results. During the matches you are allowed to change your tactic and make substitutions.


Every manager starts with a budget of $50.000.000. Every round you'll earn $2.000.000 and on top of that you could earn money from your sponsor.


They will be added up to your $3.000.000 which you get after every round. You can change your sponsor once during the season. If you want to change to another sponsor you have to pay half the money you'll get for it.

C-Concede 0 or 1 goal, $1.500.000

Price Money(Post-Season)

After the season has ended the following price money will be awarded, the money will be counted on top of the starting budget for the following season.

Contract Players:

The buying system is more like a bidding system. The overall of the players determines how much they cost. The following system is used:

The prices above are the minimum you have to bid for the players. When the auction has begun I will post it in the thread like this: AUCTION HAS NOW STARTED. Once that pops up you can start bidding, remember you've got $50.000.000 and you have to have at least a starting 11 and 7 subs so be careful with bidding. You can decide yourselve if you want to bid every player at the same time or one by one. The auction will probably be open for a week, so then you've got enough time to create a team and bid for some players. I will create a private conversation for that. In the private conversation you have to bid for the player you want, but be careful, other people may want this player as well, so do not start to low unless you're 100% sure you can get him without other people wanting him as well. The player's overall will be determined by Futhead. So for example Bernd Leno is 81 overall on futhead. That means he falls in the AVG 81-85 section and if you want him you have to bid at least $5.000.000 to get him. You have to look at their base card. If someone you want got an upgrade mid season, you have to look at the upgraded version. For example if you want Lacazette, he has loads of special cards like informs, don't look at them. Look at his regular gold card. You see he's got an upgrade, so you can decide if you want his non-upgraded version which is in Lacazette's case 79, or if you want his upgraded card, which is 82.
If you don't know futhead, here is it: www.futhead.com

You have to have a starting 11 and at least 7 subs. You can of course buy more players if you want.

Selling players:
You're also allowed to sell players to other people. Just put a post in the thread like this: "someone wants my Lacazette, you can have him for $7.500.000." (example). But you'll only get 50% of the sell. So for this example if you bought Lacazette for $10.000.000 and you want to sell him for $7.500.000, then you'll only get $3.750.000, so be careful what to sell.

player training:
You can train all your players at once one of the following stats. You can do it once between games (even after these games finish!).
You can sign a trainer for one training, that has 1-5 stars and of course, more stats=more quality, but more expencive too.
Physical: improves pace and stamina
Attacking: Improves long shots and shooting
Technical: Improves passing, dribbling, and crossing.
Defencive: Improves defence and heading. Increases goalie's reflexes.
1 star: $100.000
2 star: $300.000
3 star: $800.000
4 star: $1.500.000
5 star: $3.500.000

Match by Match (Will update)

Schedule (Pre-Season Friendlies)


bandicam 2015-08-31 21-58-29-783.jpg

bandicam 2015-08-31 21-58-41-632.jpg

This is all, happy gaming!!
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Lesley Buurlage

CEO Northern Lions Esports simracing department
May 7, 2013
FC Yolo is in the house
@Tim Engberink you're participating too? that means you can't choose players untill all the other managers have

- Lesley Buurlage (Dutch)
- FC Yolo
- A
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Had things gone my way, who knows..
Nov 11, 2013
I didn't know rival managers were drivers to managers :p
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