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Racedepartment at the Virtual 24h of Le Mans

Sim-racers all over the world have their eyes peeled on the biggest simulated race of 2015 with rFactor 2: The Virtual 24h of Le Mans.

The 24h will start at 13:00 GMT or 15:00 CET (which is in 30 minutes :whistling:)

Of course Racedepartment is present during this endurance championship.

LM-P1: #14 TXL P1 Racing: 3rd in the championship
@Frederic Schornstein
@Christian Michel
@Simon Christmann
@Mark Aalberts
@James Maskell

LM-P1: #33 RedShift Racing: 5th in the championship
@Yuri Kasdorp
@Jason Skyring
@Sam McDonald
@April Dillon
@Aleksi Kivelä

GT-AM : #34 RedShift Racing: Represented by our RD staff members:
No points in the championship yet, all hope is set on the 24h of Le Mans. :whistling:
@Frank van Oeveren
@Daiman Patel
@Dennis Coufal
@Ricardo Edelmann
Adam Taylor

Other Teams with RD members

LM-P1: #53 Life4Racing: @David Greco , @Marco Conti (FSR drivers)
LM-P1: #8 Doug Henson Racing: @Oscar Hardwick
LM-P1: #111 SVRN: @Robin de Jong, @Jan Wim Ensing
GT-PRO: #30 Revolution Racing: @Miroslav Davidovic ,@Hany Alsabti
GT-PRO: #011 SVRN: @Yoeri Gijsen , @Giel de Haan , @Roy de Muinck

Good Luck to all the drivers! :thumbsup:
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What an achievement winning the VEC in LMP1 without winning a single race, having lots of more or !less! deserved penalties, missing the first two races and making a mess of a few of them :D
So thats for me VSC2 won, VEC won, but only one real on track win :mad: