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Discussion in 'Racecraft' started by Paul Jeffrey, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    Racecraft Update 0.4.6 - 3.jpg
    Vae Victis Games have released version 0.4.6 of their new procedural technology racing game, Racecraft. The latest update adds lots of new enhancements and visual updates to the game.

    Racecraft is currently available in the Steam Early Access programme and has been receiving regular updates since its launch in March. The most recent update, bringing the game to version 0.4.6 is, by the studios own admission, one of the games biggest updates so far. 0.4.6 introduces visual particles and many performance improvements to the title, as well as adding crowds in the trackside grandstands, giving the procedurally generated tracks a more lively and vibrant feel in game.

    The latest update also adds new visual presents to the title, allowing players more choice in how they wish the game to be displayed on track, whilst at the same time the studio have managed to reduce the performance impact of dynamic enabling dynamic reflections.

    Full changelog below:
    • Graphics: Added crowd on stands
    • Graphics: Added particles
    • Graphics: Added new antialiasing technique
    • Graphics: New presets (ultra) for some graphics options
    • Graphics: Added colour grading post processing effect
    • Performances: Reduced performance impact of dynamic reflections
    • Graphics: Chance to disable dynamic reflections
    • Graphics: Eye adaptation and tone mapping post processing effects revamped
    • Graphics: Improved render quality for transparent objects (fences, trees, etc)
    • Graphics: Atmospheric scattering
    • Performances: UI rendered on a separate thread
    • Performances: CPU load heavily reduced
    • Performances: Minor GPU optmizations
    • Gameplay: Car setup preserved between races
    • General: Bugfix and general polishing

    Want to know more about Racecraft? Don't forget to check out our recent community Q&A with the studio! Exclusive to RaceDepartment.

    Racecraft Update 0.4.6 - 2.jpg Racecraft Update 0.4.6 - 4.jpg Racecraft Update 0.4.6 - 3.jpg Racecraft Update 0.4.6 .jpg Racecraft Update 0.4.6 - Tone mapping.jpg Racecraft Update 0.4.6 - 5.jpg

    Check out the Racecraft sub forum here at RaceDepartment for news and discussion regarding the latest Procedural technology racing game.

    Do you play Racecraft? What are your impressions of the game? Do you like the new update? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Ole Andreasen

    Ole Andreasen
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    From the lack of comments in this thread, I deduct that Racecraft is not among the titles that most people here have. I was one of the lucky ones who was randomly selected to receive a key for it, in the QandA thread earlier this year, and thanks for that, so I have Racecraft. Had I not won the key, I would not have gotten RC though.

    I have had strange color problems with it - purple spectator fences for instance, but right now it looks OK. I have also experienced several times that after changing options, the game would not start up afterwards, leaving me to delete it, and reinstall it, before getting it to start.

    The menu system is annoying to say the least. going to an option with the arrow keys, and then tapping Enter, to change values, in many cases more than one, because of not knowing what value comes next, before seeing the value going from highest to lowest - then tap, tap, tap up again...

    On track the cars seem too easy to drive. easing off on the throttle will leave me to corner pretty easily, compared to other racing titles.

    But the feel of the game, when you are in the car - is kind of good. I liked the feel of Slightly Mad Studios title "Need for Speed Shift!" - first edition. It had a great feeling when driving it - and RC reminds me a bit of that...

    I also kind of like the random generated tracks - not being able to memorize the turns, from race to race. unless you save the tracks - which is great that they put in the game, regardless of me liking the surprise of the new tracks...

    and I know that we are far far from version 1.0, but with the things that annoys me, Ill let RC rest for a while, and go back to it, when it´s closer to release.
  3. Alex72


    They should have given out keys to most people that was interested and posted questions here on RD since we are all race nuts and we talk racing all over the net.
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