Racecraft | New Graphical Update Previews

Check out these new preview images from the work-in-progress graphical updates and enhancements to procedural racing game, Racecraft.

It's been a while since we last spoke about Racecraft here at RaceDepartment, the interesting procedural racing title having been available to purchase for a while on PC (release date was back in late 2016). Checking back in again with the game recently, it looks like plenty of development is taking place behind the scenes.

Initially launching as more of an arcade style racer, but with the unique aspect of allowing players to generate endless track variations via the in game procedural track generation technology, it looks like Sandbox Games are looking at taking the title down a more realistic path in terms of visuals - with some interesting and impressive looking texture work currently taking place at the Italian studio.

According to the developers, the main areas of concentration for this visual update to the game are focused around work on the different grass, sand and asphalt aspects of the circuits, as well as adding additional detail to the dirt, track patches and improved tyre markings on track.

As well as these features, Sandbox are looking at adding new materials and colour palette for the scenery, trackside structures and buildings - aiming to give give the circuit layouts a more realistic look.

Alongside work on the visuals of Racecraft, the studio have confirmed their next update will also look to add "more simulative gameplay" - indicating that Racecraft might be making a steady transition towards a more realistic driving experience alongside the admittedly impressive procedural track generation technology already in use.

Check out the new preview images below:

Racecraft texture previews 1.jpg
Racecraft texture previews 2.jpg
Racecraft texture previews 3.jpg
Racecraft texture previews 4.jpg

Racecraft is available now on PC.

Interested to find out more about this very different kind of racing game? Check the Racecraft sub forum and see what the community have to say about the game!

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Celtic Pharaoh

Is Racecraft that promising looking sim that had a Lotus 49? I remember chatter about a very interesting sim a while back that had a screenshot of the Lotus.


Never heard of this game, checked it out on Steam and the reviews paint a clear picture of a horrible game.


Tried yesterday after.... 3 years? Can't get my g29 working, gear up doesn't work and game freeze if you press Esc.... no hopes


It was an interesting project but last time I've read feedbacks it lacked optimisation and there wasn't any racong possibilities implemente (against ai or agai'st other players). The game was about hotlapping against other players, not really fun. The graphical update is welcome as the graphics were too reptitive. They were on the way for VR, I don't know whether it is implemented now.
When I tried the demo, the physics were too simplified to be fun.

I was hoping a lot from this, but was disapppointed. May be itbis better right now, but the previous comments are not positive..
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