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Racecraft: Major 0.5.0 Update Deployed

Discussion in 'Racecraft' started by Paul Jeffrey, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 5.jpg
    Steam Early Access Procedural racing game Racecraft has received a major new update recently, adding a considerable amount of development to the Camilla game engine as the studio look to implement much of the core basis for future development.

    With a steady stream of updates already behind the title, Vae Victis have now pushed live the most sizable development to date in an effort to create a solid foundation on which to build future game features. Initially a hot lapping offline affair, Racecraft now features Artificial Intelligence cars and collideable physics, allowing players the possibility of racing the literally endless variety of circuits offline against the computer. With AI implementation in the early stages of development, build 0.5.0 has brought considerable improvements in the way AI behaves on track, substantially improving the racing experience.

    Further highlights from the new patch include improved night lighting, early VR development, massive overhaul of the game engine to help create more realistic tracks and various fixes and improved game physics.

    Fabio Cristi, Executive Producer for Vae Victis Games had the following to say regarding the new update to Racecraft:

    "This is a really huge update in terms of technology. These are the foundations of the game and should be almost completely built to allow the creation of all game modes which are going to build the core gameplay of Racecraft".

    Here’s the full changelog for the 0.5.0 update:
    • Gameplay: Added collisions between cars (Race mode)
    • Gameplay: Added slipstream (Race mode)
    • Gameplay: Added virtual mirror in HUD
    • Gameplay: Huge improvement to AI behavior
    • Gameplay: Procedural generation of AI profiles
    • Gameplay: Improved ideal trajectory
    • Gameplay: Improved collisions
    • Gameplay: Semaphore on starting line
    • Gameplay: Standings on position billboard
    • Gameplay: Improved rules for race regularity and disqualification
    • UI: Favorite Tracks tab added to Tracks menu
    • UI: Fixed default values and filters in Tracks menu
    • UI: Improved Track Creation management
    • UI: Improved menu navigation
    • UI: Improved GUI layout
    • Graphics: Car mirrors are now working
    • Graphics: Lighting management in night conditions
    • Graphics: Rendering pipeline ready and compliant for VR (WIP)
    • Graphics: Fixed bad illumination in some special cases
    • Procedural engine: Complete overhaul of Camilla parameters (tracks are now more realistic than in previous engine versions)
    • Procedural engine: Improved walls/fences distribution
    • Procedural engine: Improved track assets distribution
    • Procedural engine: Added new asset: Kerbs models/type
    • Procedural engine: Added new asset: Mega structures
    • Procedural engine: Added new asset: Track/buildings on starting straight
    • Procedural engine: Added new asset: Generic vehicles
    • Procedural engine: Added new asset: Track/recovery vehicles
    • Procedural engine: Added new asset: Marshall characters/stands
    • Procedural engine: Added new asset: Cameramen characters/platforms
    • Physics: Improved car physics
    • Physics: Reduced engine power
    • Physics: Reduced downforce
    • Physics: Increased drag
    • Physics: Improved driving aids
    • Performances: Pre-generated track shaders during scene loading (which caused a lot of hiccups)
    • Performances: Scenes transition is now seamless
    • Performances: Smoother frame rendering
    • Performances: Slightly optimized texture generation and memory occupation
    • Performances: Reduced performance impact of dynamic reflections
    • Performances: Fixed subtle crash in updating dynamic reflections on some configurations
    • Performances: Slightly reduced CPU workload during rendering
    • Performances: Fixed SMAA executed before tone mapping in post processing chain
    • General: Bugfix and general polishing
    Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 1.jpg

    Racecraft is available right now on the Steam Early Access programme. Head over to the Steam Store and check out the title today!

    Don’t forget to visit our Racecraft forum right here on RaceDepartment for all latest news and discussion on the title.

    Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 2.jpg Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 3.jpg Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 4.jpg Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 5.jpg Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 6.jpg Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 7.jpg Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 8.jpg Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 9.jpg Racecraft 0.5.0 Update 10.jpg

    Have you tried the latest Racecraft update yet? What do you think of the progress of the title so far? Let us know in the comments section below!
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