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    Paul Jeffrey
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    Racecraft Detail Preview.jpg
    Vae Victis Games have revealed an exciting new preview image for their procedural technology racing game, Racecraft.

    Showing off development within the Camilla game engine, the new preview shot taken from in-game footage gives sight of an impressive new level of detail. The studio are clearly looking at adding more "life" to the surrounding trackside environments, coupled with the recent update to add spectator grandstands and ever advanced work on game shaders, Racecraft is turning into a visually impressive title recently. Based on the NetKar Pro code for the foundation of the game physics system, Racecraft has benefited from a number of updates and many enhancements throughout its development and Early Access release. Already beginning to turn heads in the sim racing community, perhaps the games main USP is the procedural technology under the hood. Able to randomly generate circuits is a first for a serious racing title, and the team over at Vae Victis have done an exceptional job with this new technology.

    If you want to find out more about the game, take a look at our two part exclusive interview here and here.

    Check out the Racecraft sub forum here at RaceDepartment.com! We have news and discussion regarding this interesting Procedural racing game. Interact with the developers, chat with your fellow fans and find out all the latest news regarding the game.

    Have you tried Racecraft yet? How do you find the game? Share your opinions below!
  2. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Good for rally stages but for race tracks,i dont think i like it...but great job by dev...
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