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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by David Parry, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. David Parry

    David Parry

    I have recently returned to sim racing and have the Steam install of Race07, GTR Evo, STCC and Race On. However, I used to be able to get separate results for each event in the UserData\LOG\Results folder.

    I do have "Extra Stats = 1" enabled in my .PLR file and it does indeed try to output results, but truncates it after the first entry, as in this example below:
    Game=RACE 07
    TimeString=2011/04/24 13:03:55

    Race Length=0.100
    Track Length=2037.1520
    I get the same result no matter what track I use. I have searched high and low for a solution, but so far have been unable to find any information on this.

    The curious thing is that if I launch the dedicated server application and connect to it as a LAN race with the AI, then the separate results for each event (practice, qualifying, race1, race2, and eventresults) are correctly output to "UserData\Log_Dedicated\Results".

    But ideally, I would really like to get these results when running a custom championship from within Race07 so that I can import them to Autosim Analyser.

    Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?

    Thanks in advance for any help or enlightenment on this issue.

  2. Dave Flower

    Dave Flower

    Oops double post - removed.
  3. Dave Flower

    Dave Flower

    David - I suspect you have not edited the PLR file for the Player you are using - you have to edit the parameter in each of the PLR's, I haven't reinstalled Autosym since I had to do a reinstall yet but I used to have Profiles for myself and others on my PC and unless the PLR's for each Profile have the Extra Stats enabled you wont get an output - so I suspect your racing on one Profile then looking at the output for another?

    Also can anyone direct me to the Original Thread on Autosim Analyser on RD? It appears to have disappeared! And is the latest version, which i think is 1.69 anywhere in RD downloads section??
  4. Kennett Ylitalo

    Kennett Ylitalo

    That is a question i like to get solved too. We use a ranking system that uses results to pass the best lap times from game server to a separate forum server. It's constantly creating that same "empty" header but there is almost always another file that has no header with the actual data in. When these files are combined, Autosim will make everything correctly (and others that use results) . I suspect the culprit is same here and i doubt there is a solution.

    Also on some tracks it's doing this constantly, on some tracks it works all the time so something to do with tracks (i really can't see any err from track side that could do it but something to consider)..
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