Race07 / GTR Evo / STCC - FOV Fix - Updated CAM files for Triplehead Users!!!

Richard Hessels

Jul 23, 2008
Running Race/Evo with SoftTH on 4600x1024 gave me some major graphic artifacts.
So i did some research and found the solution (thanks to Rob)
Was a bit of work, but makes the racing experience on triple screens much better!!!

This is with fov 80, notice the missing parts and the car next to me is invisible

This is with fov 40, no artifacts, correct perspective.


>>> Beware!!! This edit is only recomended for SoftTH & TripleHead users. <<<

• Only packed for the STEAM version of Race07/GTR Evolution.

• Works with online races.

• This is absolutely NOT a cheat!!!

• Supported cars
Race07 / GTR Evolution / STCC / GT_Pro_Addon / GT_Sport_Addon

• Explanation of why i edited the original CAM files:
With a dual or triple screen setup the original Race/Evo FOV will show artifacts,
Like dissapearing buildings and parts of the cars, on the edges of the side monitors.
Cars coming out of nowhere when they overtake you, somewhere in the middle of the sidescreens.
Cars and building are far to stretched at the side, even with the maximum FOV.
The normal maximal FOV of 80 is only suited for 16:9 monitors.
This edit fixes the popups and the overstretched perspective on the sides of the screens.

• My Solution
I updated all the .CAM files to create a much wider FOV range.
The FOV has a range till 40 now, instead of the standard 80.
All servers will accept these custom settings, as they are only tweaks of non important values.
Normaly you can alter these values also, only not till the extend of these new .CAM files.
When you are not satisfied, just delete them, Race07/Evo will automaticly use the default one from the Steam installation again.

• Installation:
Unpack the archive, and place the "GameData" folder in your race07 directory.
- for instance: X:\Steam\steamapps\YOURNAME\Race 07\GameData

All cars in the selection menu are doubled.
Just pick the car you want to drive, this is a small error in the Game.
Probably has to with having some files double, as the extra CAM's are added.
Did not find any problem with it in online/offline races.

•Non Steam version.
For the offline non steam version only replace the cam files from this archive in teams/car folder.
If you do this you will loose the original FOV settings!!!
But you end up with just having a greater range..
So backup the files you are replacing.

Use of this EDIT is at your own risk!!!
Support for this will be NONE!!!


Widescreen FOV - Version: 1.0

I hope Simbin solves this small shortcoming in a future update.
In the meanwhile this works great.

Download Fix:
[Download] [Download Mirror]

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Sep 4, 2007
v nice. will come in handy later if i upgrade monitors. i dont get the problem of missing cars from sides using 80deg with SoftTH but i do at greater fov such as 120. although that is running at 3072x1024 on 3x4:3. rather than your 4600x1024 whcih i assume is 16:9/10.

ill give it a try tho because if it stops the stretching it would be nice. also a reduced field of viw should alow for higher detail levels. ill let you know how i get on.


Sep 5, 2008
Many thanks, it`s better than mine.

Work great also in GTR2 and GTL in 4320 x 900 with 24". :smile::smile::smile: