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GTR2 Race weekend car menu

Probably a stupid question, but why do so few cars appear in the car menu of race weekend?

What am i missing here? Even some of those with classes="FULL' in the .car file just don't appear. Seems I have a very restricted list of classes/cars.

How can i change this?
[QUOTE="did you move the "Opponents" slider to the right until the number turns red?[/QUOTE]

Appreciate the answer. Unfortunately that's not the issue.

The issues is this : when i open 'Race Weekend' in the pre game menu there are two options, CLASS, and MODEL (car). These options are what you use to choose which car you wish to drive in Race Weeken. They are extremely limited. For example, Single makes, NGT, GT, BTCC, DTM are there, some F1 and some other series appear under the 'CLASS' options. But certainly not all the classes i have in my TEAMS, OFFICIAL, or CUSTOM champs files.

example, Mini Cooper challenge is a mod series which shows as a 'class' option and all minis are available for race weekend. Euro Hot Hatch is another series i have installed but it does not appear in the 'Class' options and none of the cars are available as options for race weekend.

Additionally, sometimes I select a class which is available in the race weekend options menu, and then open 'MODEL' (car) not all cars in the class are there.

I have several mods for championships, cars etc, and many of them with classes='FULL' in the .car file do not appear as possible options to drive in Race Weekend. It's perplexing as i cant seem to figure out WHY some do and some don't.


Euro Hot Hatch is another series i have installed but it does not appear in the 'Class' options and none of the cars are available as options for race weekend.

If this one doesn't appear in your CLASS options .... you surely miss a .gbd file in your install

Is it well this one: Hot Hatch Euro Challenge 2012 ?
In this case, look in Gamedata folder if you have those files: SIM_HHEC.gdb, SIM_HHEC.tga and SIM_HHEC.txt .... if you don't find them, that's a install mistake or you didn't install the whole mod.

And that's the reason why this class doesn't appear in game.

Those SIM_xxxxx.gdb are as important as the CLASSES=xxxxxx of the .car files.
Without the 1st ... the class doesn't appear .... without the 2nd... the car doesn't appear in the Class.

EDIT: in order to be complete:
- what appears above is the CLASS = the name coming in the first line of the SIM_XXXXX.gdb file
- for each CLASS, the choice appearing at the left is: the Special Classes of this same SIM_XXXXX.gdb file
- the car models appearing in the car choice are all cars included having those Class and Special classes in their own .car files.
Moreover: in those .car files you also have in the classes=XXXXXX the category in which this car is included..... this category in the one you see in the results or timing in the column at the right of the driver one.

For example, this could be ( if the SIM_XXXXX.gdb is prepared that way )
Class: Le Mans 24 hours ( choice at the top )
Special classes: LM1985, LM1986, LM1987 etc.... ( choice at the left )
Category: C1 - C2 - GTP ( appearing in one of the Timing or Results columns. )
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.... you surely miss a .gbd file in your install

All required .gbd files are there. Installed championships appear under the CHAMPIONSHIP menu

Moreover: in those .car files you also have in the classes=XXXXXX the category in which this car is included.....

Yes. Which is why i assumed all .car files where the term 'FULL' is added to the class would appear in the RACE WEEKEND menu

But, as i reply to you i think i've figured it out. Gonna try something and see if it solves the problem.
Nope didn't solve it.

I made sure .gbd and tex files were saved in the game data file and not just in the championships folder. also made sure the championship's .bch file was in the UserData folder.

Have comparative read the text of .gbd files of championships which do appear in RACE WEEKEND and OPEN RACE with those .gbd files of championships which do not and i cannot see a single line of text which would prevent them appearing as Race Weekend options.

Made sure all .gbp files have IgnoreTrackFilter and all cars hace 'FULL' classes.

Baffled.... completely baffled why some appear in the race weekend/open race menu and some don't.


What I'm not absolutely sure of is that this "FULL" class does mean that the car appears everywhere.
I wonder if it doesn't mean rather that this car appears in all rounds of the same championship.

In this case, "Full" should be necessary in most ( if not all ) .car files as it is mostly possible to have a choice for a apart championship or race weekend with all cars of this class only.

What I'm sure of is .... if you add the class "HHEC_2012" in the SIM_XXXXX.gdb you're using for the other class to the "Special Classes" of this file .... this HHEC 2012 car choice will appear at the left as a new possible choice when you're choosing your class. .....
You'll just need to select multiple classes at the left.

If needed, tell me which class you're using in which you wish to add the HHEC 2012 cars or just a part of them....
Ok. I'll give that a try thanks. But it makes sense, i think that's the answer because i created a championship for Mini Cooper and put the JCW in 'special classes' by mistake and that championship is showing in race weekend.

Will get back to you.