Tracks Race track builder - help?

Hello AC people.

I have been wanting to try out track building for a while. Sadly my 3D skills aren’t the best but I wanted to give it a go and am fully prepared to fail spectacularly. I know RTB has received pretty mixed reviews and opinions but I was willing to give it a blast.

So I bought RTB a few nights ago. I have just managed to get it running and have a very basic 3D mesh done of the track I want to design using the Google map info. I have then gone through and clicked the triangle tool to further detail out the track. That’s about as far as I’ve got. I have a few (very) basic questions.

So you use the left mouse button to enact a task and the left mouse button to… (ive forgotten! – do something else). However I was struggling with simply navigating around the map. How do you move about? I was using the mouse scroll wheel but it takes so long to move around, there must be a simpler way? I tried WSAD but W shows the polys, and I don’t think the rest do anything. Arrow keys do nothing etc.

I have watched a few online videos so some of what they do I can follow and hopefully pick up what I need to.

The Google map images of the track in question when fully zoomed in actually look pretty detailed, however when I look at the track texture within RTB it doesn’t look anywhere near as detailed and close up looks fairly blurry and low res. Is there anything I can do to improve that?

Is there a forum or Discord channel where people can discuss RTB as I feel I will need some hand holding?



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