Race Track Builder goes to Steam Greenlight

Brendon Pywell

Bob's Track Builder
UPDATE2: It's out!


Race Track Builder is a software design tool that has simple, easy to use tools that allow you to build fantasy race tracks or use Google Maps data to create real-life terrain and roads.

I am preparing Race Track Builder for release, hopefully on Steam first (which will make it happen faster because I don't have to develop the website code for admin/purchases etc).

Steam have a process where it goes to "Greenlight", where people vote to indicate that they would like to see this product listed on Steam. So we need more votes to ensure RTB can be released asap.

UPDATE: This has now been Greenlit (Step 1 of Steam release process). Thanks to all that voted!!!!

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Definitely voted yes and hoping for export functionality to AC - so many ideas for real tracks!


IMO the most important features would be:
* Export directly to games (rFactor, AC...)
* Alowing import of several 3D formats for trackside assets
* Fence / wall generator

Andrew Harper

Steam is being a pain and won't let me login from work, so I'll vote later tonight my friend.

This is superb, a really well executed piece of software. I bought BTB last year and really because of work I just haven't had time to practice a great deal on creating tracks.

The fact you can start off in this with the Google Earth data and then import into other programs for finishing off is a fantastic idea :thumbsup:

Andrew Harper

Export directly to games (rFactor, AC...)
Judging by the website I don't think it will do this, it generates the 3D data which you then load into 3D Max or Lightwave, etc for further editing.

"About RTB
Race Track Builder is the product of years of development, originally concieved in 2009 as a means to overcome some limitations in Bobs Track Builder.

This new interface does not replace BTB, but instead provides new streamlined methods of producing complex race designs, and export those models into other 3d applications for further processing."

If it's possible to load the data into BTB for editing that would be great though.
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"use Google Maps data to create real-life terrain and roads", that sounds incredible :confused:! Great time to be into tech.

Dan Allen

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Can't vote. Everytime I follow the link, it goes to Steam in Finnish and I can't understand what I'm doing. Can't seem to find it in Steam app from my desktop either...

But I'll give it a yes!
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