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  1. Tony Crabb

    Tony Crabb

    I've noticed that some people are having problems with adjusting to G.M.T. (Greenwich Mean Time).
    So I had a look around the net for an easy way to find out what your time is during this time of year.
    (only if you can read the English language).

    And I found this place;

    Just select the City or Country that you live in and it will automatically tell you the difference.

    Note! there are 2 digital clocks running. One with GMT standard time (without the summer adjustment) and the other is with the adjustment. So don't get confused that they are showing different times.

    I hope this will help in future.

    nb: If someone finds one that has a multi-language version? then please post it.
  2. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes

    Here is the one I have used for many years, it's never failed me yet.
    It also takes into account any variations due to daylight saving time in local areas.