Race Strategy Bug?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by franqito10, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. franqito10


    Hi guys! So I'm in Suzuka right now, awesome track but all of the sudden this bug appears
    Practice was very wierd, raining for 2 laps, stopping, raining, and this is not a bug this is good, realism at its finest
    Quali was the same, managed to get pole with my williams (wich I gotta say it's pretty damn good playing in legend I can win every other race, that's why I'm in the championship fight and trying to catching Mclaren for the Constructors championship because Maldonado is a f*cking idiot who makes the shootout, gets a 4th row grid start and finishes between 12th and 17th

    But then comes the race and I go to check my race strategy to change the pit stop but I see (altough it's a completely dry race) I have intermediates to start and no pit stop planned for the race. And it doesn't let me switch to options, so I switch to Primes and make my pitsop with Options. Race is starting, but I see everyone's on Intermediates on a completely dry track and sunny day. OF COURSE the race starts and for the 3rd corner I already have a 15 second lead.

    Fortunately, I quitted the race to main menu and started again and everything was normal. So no biggie.
    I post this here to let anyone know that quitting solves the issue so you can have a fun race.

  2. UnknownJJ


    Yeah its that bug again.. :D They need to fix this weather/tyre bug. It is the biggest bug in the game.