Race Reports missing in Division 2!!!

The following have not sent a race report from Bahrain to the Race Director:

[FONT=&quot]Alessio Lucchesi
Francesco Sindoni
Please send me your report as soon as possible.

EDIT: Apologies if my wording sounds unfriendly and harsh, that is not my intention. I just wanted to underline the urgency in this as the volunteers that reviews the second division race want to get the work done as soon as possible, and they can not start it until all reports are in.
Sorry about the lateness :) As I've mentioned before, I actully did type up a complete report but accidentally hit a stupid button on the side of my mouse which made the browser step back loosing all my hard work in the process.

Will redo it tomorrow. Should have done it already I know, but I've been busy with Team Canada's skin.

tomorrow then. promise.
I have sent to you @mail.I have not understood that it is necessary for you to write about race in Bahrain. At me all was good in Bahrain.No problem's.
Just to clerify, the report does not need to be long. And we'll call it incident report from now on so we do not mix it up with the race report we write in the forums. Here are two examples of what the incident report can look like:

Name: Nicolai Nicholson
TS: 431
Rune hit the rear of my car and I broke my suspension.

TS: 1130
I got too close to Per Andersen and touched his rear sending him into a spin. I waited to let him regain his position.

Besides this I had a good race.


Name: Nicolai Nicholson

I had a nice and clean race, no incidents

Tom Watts

yh sorry i got through quali but lost connection to server before race really very annoyed with that. sorry about lateness
thanks tom
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