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Featured Race Regulations Dominate Forza 7 June Update

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 7' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    FM7 June Update.jpg
    The June update for Forza Motorsport 7 is here, and 'Race Regulations' are the prominent focus of attention in the latest build of the game.

    Not always the most glamourous aspect of a racing game, but something that underpins the core potential and ultimately the enjoyment of any given racing title, race regulations were due for a substantial review and updating within Forza Motorsport 7 as part of this latest build release.

    Deployed to Microsoft Xbox One and Windows 10 PC versions of the software yesterday, the June update to FM7 is once again a considerable one, adding several new and improved features to the FRR (Forza Race Regulations) aspect of the game.

    Podium / Grid Seeding
    With the June update, players’ positions on the podium will be based on total time including any penalties earned during the race. In addition, players’ starting grid position for the subsequent race will now take into consideration their total time, including any penalties earned during the previous race.

    Track Cutting Enumeration
    The FRR system will now keep track of and display track cut incidents when a player cuts multiple corners in a row before returning to the track and allowing the FRR system to resolve time penalties. These sequences of penalties will be displayed to the player using an “X2, X3, etc.” enumerator.

    FRR HUD Settings
    Players can now choose to enable or disable penalty notifications in the game’s HUD settings.

    Exploit Fixes
    We’ve fixed some previous exploits in the FRR system with this update, including:
    • Infractions that occur before the Finish Line are now accumulated in the aggregate Penalty Time per player.
    • Addressing an issue where players could DNF the entire lobby by excessively cutting the track.
    FRR Spectate
    Players can now spectate FRR-enabled lobbies, including the public beta FRR hopper.

    FRR Ruleset Changes
    In addition to working on new Forza Race Regulations features, the team is also consistently looking at rule set tweaks that can be made to improve the experience for players in FRR-enabled lobbies and events. For example, last week the team made a ruleset change addressing issues around players accruing penalties at corner exit and when going off the track on a long straight. In addition, the team removed the penalty incurred for overtaking cars while off track.

    FM7 is available on Xbox One and W10 PC now.

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  2. VFX Pro

    VFX Pro

    Can Turn 10 focus on providing real simulation features, like exporting all telemetry and great support for all DD wheels? Can anyone get this game to run properly on high-end setup like SimXperience Stave IV and Accuforce DD wheel?
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  3. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos

    What about focusing on physics first? :D
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  4. Andrew_WOT


    It does have telemetry output already, and with Emuwheel works with OSW wheel, FFB is quite nice and communicative, the physics though is simplified but all right considering target audience.
    AI though, or drivatars are suicidal. Can't believe MS supported product can't cook good AI behavior algorithm, Stefano did is single-handed in a few months for AC which started with less than spectacular AI.
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    I totally agree, ai is horrible, they act like you are not on the track. It really puzzles me that Turn 10 never improved it, considering the relatively large amount of fixes this game gets. It's a shame that car sounds are mediocre too. Other than that, Forza 7 is a really fun game to play with a controller.
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  6. SecretLaser


    No idea why it turned out to be mentally disabled simulation of morons ramming each other.
    If they want to ram each other, go play Wreckfest or gtfo.
  7. Jason Mullin

    Jason Mullin

    I've had some surprisingly good racing in public "hoppers".
    Mainly stick to rivals as the AI seem to have the same line of code wreckfest does, which really makes Forza 7 more of a sim driver than sim racer.
    You can't race those fools.
    I think what keeps me coming back is for me it is the best looking sim currently on the market and the FFB honestly is not terrible after the December update.

    If they could sort certain aspects of the physics and adjust the AI there would be alot more participation from the hardcore sim crowd.
  8. SvenUilhoorn


    That wouldn't really matter much though, as the hardcore sim crowd would likely vanish in the typical Forza crowd anyway; Forza generally just caters to different people. And that's coming from someone who started with the PGR's and Forza's of this world.. ;)
  9. Gargos


    Does Forza have races end after the leader crosses the line, or do you still have to finish races multiple laps down dodging "drivatars"?
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