Race expansions and bundles - comparison

Last night I've had problems with attending the Racing Club event because of the Game not being compatible with the server.

I have Race 07 full version (Steam online version) and Race ON expansion. What championships, tracks and cars do those two bundles cover compared with GTR Evolution and STCC expansions. I know STCC was included in Race ON bundle (full version) offered over Steam, but is Race ON compatible with online server where there is requirement to have GTR Evolution, and how does this apply to STCC expansion.

In other words, to attend Racing Club S2000 events, which expansions do I need to buy, when I already own Race 07 and Race ON expansion?

I hope I was clear enough with my question.

So you have the Race On expansion, and that doesn't include STCC right? In that case, that was the problem, as we had STCC cars also.
For S2000 club events, Race 07, STCC, and Race On are needed mainly, unless we run on the Nurburgring, then GTR Evo is also needed!
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