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Race Department Introduces World Ranking System

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dave Stephenson, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    RaceDepartment.com today launched the latest incarnation of their much awaited rankings system. The system ranks drivers relative to each other, and incorporates results from all league and club races run or supported by RD. The rankings are generated based on the Elo Rating System, originally popularised in chess, but now used widely in a variety of games and sports ranging from American Football to Guild Wars. The system currently supports results from Race 07, rFactor, and GT Legends, and with support for more titles on the way this will prove to be the most comprehensive driver ranking tool in sim-racing to date.


    A myriad of cleanly formatted and accessible data is available for your browsing pleasure, from classic lap time boards to complete event results for every race a particular driver has raced in. Real life motorsport is full of numbers, hot-lap boards, and standings tables, with each series offering up its own data, but now in the sim-racing community we have a tool which can transcend car class, series, and game title to provide fully unified rankings. It truly is a statisticians’ dream.

    Each driver has a personal profile page which shows their full race history at a glance along with personal stats, such as highest and lowest ranks, podium finishes, race wins and more. This is now supplemented with a weekly updated summary graph, plotting the driver’s journey from ‘zero to hero’ or vice-versa over the previous ten weeks.

    New to the system with the latest update is the Nations Ratings. Each country now has its own league table where the drivers can attempt to take the prestige that comes with being the hottest driver in their homeland. The drivers and their compatriots can also battle it out against sim-racing friends and enemies in a country vs. country shootout to capture the international crown. With national pride at stake, who will rise to the challenge and top the nations table?

    Each track has its own ranking board recording hot laps from the servers. Driver’s best times from the events they take part in will be checked against their existing personal best and recorded as appropriate. The track pages not only provide the competition element for those drivers who wish to lay claim to being the ultimate specialist round a particular track but includes a wealth of information for drivers who are new to the track. Track histories and descriptions along with track maps and the lap times mean a green driver has all the information he needs to set realistic goals and targets based on the times of drivers with a similar rank.

    All in all, this appears to be an exciting addition to Race Department’s sim-racing services, an opportunity to get a cross-title, cross-series, international leader board is nothing short of mouth watering. The added motivator of each person knowing firmly who their real rivals are, can only add to the adrenaline on track. With new features and support in the pipeline and new additions planned over the coming weeks and months the experience can only become an even richer one.

    The RD Rankings System is already setting benchmarks for driver rating, with a bright future ahead I can only envisage it breaking down more barriers going forward.

    View - http://www.racedepartment.com/standings/
    Discuss - http://www.racedepartment.com/drivers-nations-rankings/
  2. Eric. K

    Eric. K

    Great intro Dave!!!!! Thank you!!!
  3. Mattia Gottardi

    Mattia Gottardi

    EPIC work thx guys!!!!!
  4. Martin Vrba

    Martin Vrba

    awesome!!! thanks guys!!!
  5. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Unbelievable guys!!!!!!!

    Amazing how much work you put in here for free, just to make us happy! To say it honestly: "I'm very, very happy with this community here!" :wink::cool:
  6. Graham Simmons

    Graham Simmons

    Nice piece of work and probably more to this than I could ever fully appreciate, so many thanks :thanks:
  7. Jelle van der Knaap

    Jelle van der Knaap

    Awesome job guys! Many tnx:wink:
  8. Michael Herrmann

    Michael Herrmann

    Eric what you have coded there is just outstanding thank you for the effort you put into this ;D
    great write up there Dave :)
  9. Will Marquez

    Will Marquez

    Yes... awesome work being done on the new rankings! You simply out do yourself each time Eric! Great intro as well Dave! Thanks for everything! :cool:
  10. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    Dreaming about such a system for years and then Eric builds it just like that. You are an artist :pray:
    @Dave: thanks for this really nice into guide man