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Alpine Domination at Istanbul Park!
R12 Results.PNG

What an exciting race we've just had at the Istanbul Park. It was a straight-up battle between teammates and championship contenders Ancevski and Kederer. It was nip and tuck all race with both drivers overtaking each other on multiple occassions down the long back straight. The final decisive move was made by the Serb who surprisingly overtook his German teammate through the long sweeping lefthander, even pushing him off a bit in the process. Ancevski, however, was not penalised for the infringement and finished ahead of his teammate by a couple of seconds. Lutz finished on the podium once again and is looking good for third spot in the championship behind the two Alpine's. He, to much of the grief of a lot of teams, finished way behind the Alpine's marking their dominance in the second half of the season thusfar. Omer Said couldn't convert his home advantage into a podium, though with the pace the Alpine's are showing that would've been quite an incredible feat. Next up is the final Reversed Grid Sprint Race as we move to the land of the rising sun. With Ancevski and Kederer having to fight their way from the back of the grid, it's going to be a tense race as any mistake from either of them will be vital for the championship outcome.​
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Alpine are constructors champions now btw :)
As good as it looks for me, Tobi can still make up some ground in the reversed grid so it's not won for me yet.
Obviously I don't expect to win it in the next race, even if I need only 1 point more.