Race Department Forum Racing Season 24

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Oct 28, 2013

Welcome to the 24th season of Race Department Forum Racing! The champion of the last to seasons has left, and two former champions are making their comeback. Will another team take over the role of Benetton, who dominated the last two seasons, or will we have an exciting fight for the title until the final race? Only one way to find out, getting in the car and race!

Joining is quick and simple. If you see a team you like, or maybe a livery, or you know you want to be in a team, just post your preference and you're in. For those people who like a bit of control, then why not make your own team? The latest version of the template is available here, but don't worry if you're not artistic, there are members who are happy to take requests.

The Races
The most important part of the game. A race consists of the moderator making a post containing the words GOGOGO. After this, you must make specific posts in a certain order and time span as quickly as possible, depending on the type of race.

Sprint Race
As soon as a sprint race has started, you have to post "Finish". The one to post first wins.

Feature Race
When a feature race has started, you have to post "Start", then you have to wait 1h1min before posting "Pit", and after another 1h1min you must post "Finish". If you pit early, the hour and a minute is counted from the pitting, but penalties will still be applied.

24 Hour Race
There will be a 24 hour race, taking place at the famous Nordschleife. After the race has started you have to post "Start" as quickly as possible. After 24h1min you then must post "Finish".

You can't get a penalty for timing infringements in a sprint race. In the other 2 races, each minute you post a section of the race early will earn you a 30 minute penalty to your race time. Forum time will be used for this, so be careful when cutting it fine.

Tagging your team mate/other drivers during the race to get them to finish sooner isn't allowed. If you do tag your team mate if they haven’t yet finished, the person who tagged will get a 1 hour penalty, and the person tagged will get a 30 minute penalty, just in case it did help them finish earlier. If anyone tags someone not in their team who has not finished, you will get a 2 hour penalty, the person tagged will get no penalty. This does not stop you from contacting your team mate through the means of Private Messages.

After you post, you are not allowed to edit that post for 5 minutes. If you post early, you cannot re-post that same order, you must carry on from there and accept the penalty. This also applies to posting the wrong thing, where you must wait 5 minutes and post the correct thing. Your time will be counted from the correction onwards. After posting one of the components of a race (Start, Pit, Finish), if the same one is posted soon after, it will be classed as a correction. This means that times will be counted from that post. Penalties can still be given out for double posting within 5 minutes.

1st - 25
2nd - 18
3rd - 15
4th - 12
5th - 10
6th - 8
7th - 6
8th - 4
9th - 3
10th - 2
All others who finish - 1
Ret - 0

Pole - 3

Start times
Each round will start at a different time. They are all based on GMT. With 16 races, there'll be 8 hours to miss out. Therefore the day will be split in four 6h blocks, each of them having 4 starts.
00:00h - 05:59h
06:00h - 11:59h
12:00h - 17:59h
18:00h - 23:59h
Also, each day of the week will have 2 starts, 2 will have 3 starts.
There's a gap of at least 12h between the results post and the next race start.

If you don't finish lots of races in succession, two things will happen. Firstly, you will lose the right to be waited for in the results, so if everyone else has finished the results will be done. If it carries on, your team mate is allowed to replace you with a new driver if one appears. If the booted out driver does finish, they must choose a new team to join.

Feel free to make suggestions or complain, but be prepared to back down quickly when necessary.
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Oct 28, 2013


Teams and Drivers

Online Martini Racing
3 Tim Engberink
4 Ben Utzer

Runner-ups in the constructors' championship last season, but Daniel Harvey, who finished 3rd in the drivers' last season scoring 3 wins, has left for HRT. Team owner Ben Utzer however managed to find a suitable replacement with Tim Engberink, who took 3 wins as well. Utzer himself will probably be looking to improve, only 3 podiums most likely were behind his expectations. With Benetton gone, they should be one of the top candidates for the title this year.

5 Aidan Keranen
6 Tapio Rinneaho

McLaren enters this season with the same line-up. Number 1 driver Keranen goes in his third season with the team since his return, after 3rd and 4th in the standings he will be looking for the top spot this time. Rookie Rinneaho showed his skills with 2 podiums, but all in all he was still lacking a bit of consistency.

7 Xen Foro
8 Ben Herbert

Ferrari has kept their last season lineup. Englishman Ben Herbert had a rather disappointing season, two podiums being the highlight. Might have been that it only took him a bit to accustom to the new surroundings, we'll surely see this season whether that was the case. Teammate Xen Foro will be looking to secure his maiden win this season.

Mobil 1 Mercedes
9 Andy Black
10 Andrea Dovizioso

The team was able to take one win last season, but most of the time the car lacked speed. Black was able to finish in the midfield regularly, Dovizioso was only able to perform well on a few occasions, one of them being his winning drive at Hungary. Ongoing internal fights for the leadership of the team might have been the cause, if those don't end soon they could face another difficult year.

11 Daniel Harvey
12 Jimmy Laad

Season 21 champion Jimmy Laad returns after two sabbaticals, bringing in the new team HRT. Daniel Harvey, who took 3rd place in the drivers' championship last year in his rookie season, joined him. He was only beaten by the now retired Buurlage and Kederer, so he's the top candidate for the title this year. Question is if Laad has lost any of his speed, or if he'll be right back at the top.

Manor Motorsports
14 Milos Ancevski
15 Joel Rautavaara

The Apex drivers both joined the new Manor team. While most would say that they didn't have a bad season, it was behind their own expectations. Ancevski seemed lacklustre in some cases, missing out the much desired win, and Rautavaara's bad timing often prevented better results. If the new car suits them however, we should see them both fighting for wins.

Grip Racing
16 Omer Said
17 Manolis Sigoulakis

With Sigoulakis another former champion returns from a sabbatical, bringing his Grip Racing Team with him. Omer Said has left Minardi to join him. The Turk had a tough year, the Minardi didn't suit his driving style at all, which meant that he was at the back end of the field most of the times.

Tiger-Tech Motorsport
18 Andy Graham
19 Harry Costello

Rookie Andy Graham joins the series with his own team. Not much is known about him, so we have to wait and see what he'll be able to produce. Harry Costello joined the team for round 4.

20 Old Wolf
21 Rami Saidy

Both Wolf and Saidy just finished a disastrous season. They now joined Honda, which returned after having ended Season 22 as last in the constructor standings. Rumour has it that they've developed a top car during their year off, but only time can tell whether that's true. The drivers sure will hope so.

22 James Chant
23 Takuma Ishikawa

With Jaguar another teams makes a return, and they've found a skilled driver in S15 champion James Chant. Some say that he lost his form, scoring his last podium almost two seasons ago. But after a small midseason break last year, he returned in way better shape. If everything's in the right place, he might pick up one or two wins. Takuma Ishikawa is new to the series, and will probably looking for constant points finishes for the start.
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Nov 11, 2013
I don't get it why Manor is third. Manor should be second if we went both the drivers' and constructors'

Aidan Keranen

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Dec 3, 2010
I thought they would "take over" ART? The lineup hasn't changed
ehh, but the problem here is that we are going from a fictional team (one that we make) to one that is a real life one. And when it is done like that, I can see and understand why it would be said to be a new team. Plus now it is historically correct too, because you'd have low numbers :p


Oct 28, 2013
I thought they would "take over" ART? The lineup hasn't changed
New team, so not the same numbers. Behind HRT as they entered before. Numbers 0 and 2 are reserved for Benetton, when noone drives for them numbers will start with 3 and 4.
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