Race #4, Imola: Drivers of the Week

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    Kris Cobb
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    Going to try something new. This may help give the commentators something to talk about during the break between Race 1 and Race 2.

    Vote below for Driver of the Week for each ACE Race. This may be the best driver, the driver that gained the most positions, the driver that did surprisingly well, or someone that showed sportsmanlike conduct. Reasons are optional, but encouraged. The ACE Director will break any ties.

    Only ACE Drivers may vote and it MUST be in the following format:

    Driver Name: (Your name)
    Race 1 Vote:
    Race 2 Vote:

    Your name is REQUIRED so I know who you are! If you do not put your name your vote does not count!

    Voting ends on Friday 23:59 GMT (same as allocation deadline).

    This is not a discussion thread! Just place your votes!
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