Race #3, China: Post-Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, May 5, 2012.

  1. John-Eric Saxén

    John-Eric Saxén

    Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.
  2. Ivar Kalamees

    Ivar Kalamees

    I was really happy with my race until last pitstop, after which I was handicapped for some reason, and only had 287kph on straight without slipstream and 298kph with slipstream for 2 consecutive laps. Why is that? Never happened to me before. Lost my podium position. Quite disappointing. Something negative has happened to me each race so far.
  3. Rob van Starkenburg

    Rob van Starkenburg

    Dont know what happaned in Quali :D 4th?

    Already in the warmup i noticed people that start behind me would be faster than me, so was expecting a hard race.
    Also because i had to work today from 4.30am. Already after 10 laps i was tired and had lack of concentration.
    I had a pefect start taking 3rd and 2nd at the end of the first lap, but made a mistake that would cost me many time and psitions troughout the race. The last corner would not work with me today, lost like 0.2/3 most of the race in that corner. The first 10 laps where oke but at lap 11 i spun of track in the long left hander. The back stepped away, i saved it but got on the kerb/grass and went of track. Than returning on the track i came right in a group of 4/5 people. Also wanna say sorry to De Matos, i should have kept a littlebit more room there! After that i was able to pass some guys. Later on after my second stop i had many trouble to keep up to pace, so Gosling came behind me and again i had a twitsh in the last corner wich cost me the position.

    Final part was kind of the best part for me, because my pace was a bit better and more consistant. I managed to pass Gosling after my last pitstop. After than had a fight with Melim for many laps. It was so close sometimes and at the end of the straight he made a smal mistake loosing the back end in the hairpin, so i could slip trough. However i could not hold him of passing me around the outside "Wheelbanging :D " and than the inside into the second corner. It was a nice fight!

    In the end im positive about finishing in the top 10 again. And Quali went way better than expected. The race could deffinetely be better after lossing 14 seconds because if the spin. But never the less a decent result in the end.