Race #2, Malaysia: Post-Race Discussion

Kris Cobb

Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal
Dec 24, 2013
Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.

Race Director's Comments:

A couple things to consider for next race.

  • You are 1 step away from the World Championship. Lets act like it.
  • Turn 1 is not where you win the race.
  • Just a handful of drivers were clean in both races. This is unacceptable.

Expect the field to be smaller in China.

If you guys cannot drive with common sense, you will not drive at all.
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Rando Tamm

May 26, 2013
Second corner in Race #2

Feb 8, 2011
wd to the front guys..

I chose the wrong tires in the sprint race (hards)
Suffered from traction and got eaten up. Had clean encounters with all drivers who passed me. I gave room, they did too, how its meant to be

why can't we be more respectful at the back? Cars flying around in my mirrors..
Maybe tougher penalties are needed.


John-Eric Saxén

Jan 31, 2010
We had good racing in the top 6, many overtakes and no contacts. Hopefully that would apply for the rest as well in next race.


Jul 23, 2012
The only thing I can say about these races is congratulate to the podium and my teammate.

A lot of people think we are in a destruction derby game or something like that, pushing out of the track other drivers with no sense and hitting over and over... 0 races without damage at the moment.

Jonny Simon

Jan 21, 2014
Struggled with the setup completely, I could see where I was losing time visibly to the guys up front and I had no balance or confidence with the car.

Made a mistake in qualifying and started P14. Amazing start to get up to P7 but stop/go for speeding in the pits which was my mistake for switching off the limiter. So just missed out on reverse pole and finished P9.

Finished P6 in Race 2 which felt like a win! To finish with some good points and still be P4 in the championship after how much I was struggling is just great. Damage limitation weekend for me and it wasn't as bad as it could've been. Hopefully next race is completely better and well done to my teammate Alex as well, had some good pace but unfortunately he got caught up in incidents.
Jun 5, 2013
Q: Awesome pole position, totally unexpected.

R1: Fail at warmup, but we couldn't see that in broadcast, then doesn't exist :) Good start and nice pace but we had a excesive wear, so we had to do 2 stops and Jiri and Kiss took the lead after our 1 stop. I tried to close the gap between them and me but I only could overtake Kiss. 2º place and satisfied for ending a race without major incidents.

R2: http://i.gyazo.com/8c6c889062be3e8225530357d620eb57.mp4

Congrats to Jiri, Conti and people who were awarded in the lottery of the secord turn. See you on next GP.

Carlos Martín

Dec 13, 2012
Was nice to see both NX cars on the first row, unfortunatly bad luck came too soon.

In lap 1 I was hitted in my rear, causing me a rear suspension damage, race was ****ed up already. The strategy was really bad, I didnt tested much and the few I did was preparing the WC race and I really thought that 2 stops was the fastest way. We showed up it wasnt, unfortunatly :(

Also the fuel assumption increased, surely because the damage on the car, I'm still happy because we showed a good perfomance despiste the fact the result was pretty bad.

Race 2, well, better not commentating it :cautious:

grats to the finishers and to the podium, cya in Shangai!
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Jiří Toman

Jan 7, 2014
Q1: Really struggled to find some clean place on the track. Two out of three laps were compromised by slower drivers. Fortunately, the last attempt was pretty decent, so satisfied with P2.
Q2: Not a perfect lap at all. Made a mistake in the first corner, so only P4.

Race 1: I had a decent start from the dirty side of the track. Then Godek hit me and half of the grid like Grojsean. Try to practise some starts next time Godek, this was just ridiculous and you deserve a penalty for the next race. I had some damage from the contact but fortunately it didn’t cost me any places. Martin was right behind me so I had a perfect place to build on. I was struggling the first couple of laps. Daniel was way slower than me on straights so once I got myself into DRS zone, it couldn’t be much easier. I wasn’t able to make a good gap on him. Then both Netrex cars pitted. I stayed out for another four laps. After the stop I was finally some 1.5 seconds ahead of Daniel so I could finally push and try to close the gap on Netrex drivers. Once I saw that they aren’t any faster than me, I just concentrated to drive as smoothly as possible. At the end it was just about controlling the pace. Pretty much perfect race for me and a great result for the team.

Race 2: Had a decent start again. I was lucky to find myself on the outside so I survived that accident in T2. Unfortunately, Martin wasn’t so lucky and his race was over. I was behind Daniel once again. It was even easier than in the first race as I was even able to pass him on the back straight. Passed Hoyer and the next target was Satherley. It was pretty close to the wall but I made it stick. I saw that Marco has 5 seconds lead so I was just concentrating on the tyre managment. Tried to push one or two laps but we had moreless the same pace, so I knew I can’t do anything about it. Anyway, I got the most out of it.

See you guys in China, hopefully without any big accidents.

Martin Hodás

Jan 6, 2014
Quite a poor weekend for me once again.
Q1: I set one general lap and then tried to improve, but i did small mistake on kerb in S2 and improved only about 0.02. Surprisingly it was enough for Q2. So it was no more hotlap competition as in Bahrain ;)
Q2: I was fastest after S1, but then in T4 my car downshifted accidentally in 1st gear and I lost some 3 tenths. Anyway I improved my time from Q1 with that mistake and slower race setup, lol.

R1: I had great start again, from P8 to P5 after T2. Jiri was in front, so I let him some gap and stayed focused on tyre wear. After few laps I started be pretty confident with these tyres, but then i had hal fspin on some bump and lost few % and wear was higher in rest of stint.

Anyway, I made a gap on drivers behind me and after my only one pitstop I had big gaps on both sides. So I was just controlling situation and was awarded by gift on finish line, to get 4th place.

R2: I started 5th from better line. In T1 I was alongside Godek. There was about 3 cars on the inside line, so I had no other option as stay on inside for T2. I braked carefully, without any diving or so, but Godek turned into my front wing and stayed stuck in front, followed carnage... I was in the middle of track and had no idea about range of my damage. Tried to get out of track, but there was still cars on both sides.

After incident I was alone on track without wings, so I tried to get in pits carefully. But after 150 secs in pits I had still suspension problems, so I was forced give it up.