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Race #2, Malaysia: Post-Race Discussion

Kris Cobb

Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal
Dec 24, 2013
Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.

Carlos Martín

Dec 13, 2012
disco again, just happens when I race FSR...

Not much to comment, we struggled a lot, we need to work a lot in order to gain some positions in the grid. This isn't the place where we want to be, so he just need to do hard work and results will come.

Refering to the race, it costed me a lot to heat up the tires, JES was very close in the early stages but I managed to pull a little gap and go for Patrick. After that, I found myself in 4th place just 3 seconds behind Morgan, the pace wasn't bad but we didn't had any hope for a podium.

Disconnection was the worse way to end this race.

See you in China!

Carlos Martín.

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