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Race #2, Malaysia: Post-Race Checks

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mike Partington, May 15, 2015.

  1. Mike Partington

    Mike Partington

    All logs have been done are were clean other than the one John-Eric posted in another thread. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Post race checks will be back to normal for Bahrain.

    Race 2 Incidents

    Lap/Replay Time:
    Lap 1, 14 seconds.
    Drivers Involved: Dimitry Zaharov, Alari Agpues, and others
    Description: Zaharov and Agpeus go into T1 3 car wide with Zaharov on the outside and turns in early into Agpeus. Zaharov spins into the middle of the corner which ends up collecting several drivers forcing them to retire. Zaharov also retires from the race later on.
    Verdict: -1.75 Safety rating to Dmitry Zaharov for causing multiple damaged Cars/Retirements and a suspended 'start from pit lane' if causes another T1 incident in the next 4 races.

    Lap/Replay Time:
    Lap 15, 30 seconds
    Drivers Involved: Dmitry Zaharov, Domic Foster
    Description Dmitry is chasing Lionel Klue when they catch Foster who is lap down. Foster let Klue through and then attempts to allow Zaharov through by moving his car onto the curb at T6. This destabilizes Foster's car causing him to spin into the middle of the track and results with Zarahov crashing into him and forcing him to retire.
    Verdict: -1.25 Safety rating to Dominic Foster for poor judgement causing the retirement of a car 1 lap ahead.
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