Race #16, Suzuka: Post Race discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

  2. Chris Knight

    Chris Knight

    YAY a race finally but didnt end too good :(

    been playing too much f1 2010 lately lol.

    Quali: meh managed a lap wasnt good so back of grid.

    Formation lap: stayed out of trouble till last chicane... was warming the tyres and doing well but then the guys in front all bunched up and i had to avoid them and hit wall taking off front wing and damaging left and right suspenstion.

    Race: Had to start from pit as needed new wing so got a bit behind tried to cope with the damage but was falling to behind go lapped thaught would be best to just retire with too much damage done so pulled into garage
  3. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    nice. okay i admin my mistake too fast into pits but SERIOUSLY it said just penalty so i think i can serve it whenever i want to and went to pits after 1 lap no tires, second time it said go to pits i go to pits and think that okay this is the penalty and drive and then disqualification thats great....
  4. Joost van der Stoep

    Joost van der Stoep

    Terrible race. Start was chaos, a lot of cars hit eachother and I couldn't avoid the cars in front of me. So a lot of damage. Drove slowly to the pits to repair, but when I went out, I could feel the car was different. Tried to get back in the race, but it was hopeless, so I decided to retire..
  5. Marcel van der Linden

    Marcel van der Linden

    Mark had slow strart, I went to the inside but a car touched teammate which sent his car into me, and game over, shame as I had quicker race pace then in testing, so a win was possible, at least top 3 anyway, car was great.

    Thanks to the team that gave me a good car.
  6. Benjamin Chong

    Benjamin Chong

    No idea why.. but Joost missed the start, which I didn't expect. I tried to avoid him but there wasn't enough room. Had to complete and entire lap without a front wing. I saw 3 other cars pit with me for a front wing. Saez entered and exited a head of me. Manage to pass him and it was pretty lonely since then. Spent the entire race trying to catch Del Piccolo and manage to pass him when he made a mistake.. not before I made one by over-accelerating the final corner and Mallorqui overtook me. Couldn't keep up with him and didn't wanna risk the engine. Brought it home.

    Had fun despite first lap incident.
  7. Mihajlo Vićentijević

    Mihajlo Vićentijević

    You're right. I am started much faster than my team mate Gabri and I simply could not avoid the blow and anything after it was chaos. My car was damaged so drastically that I could hardly come to the pit, waiting through the 50s and the car were no longer as before.
    It's a shame for such a start and yet another apology to you, Heinz and Emre.
  8. Kjell-Einar Svendsen

    Kjell-Einar Svendsen

    Finally starting to get qualifying right with these cars. Happy with P7. Had P5 in sight, but blew it in the last chicane on the last lap.

    Had a decent start, but Nilsson pushed me onto the grass, so I lost a few places.
    Later a great fight with Ben Phillips - again :) We went 2-wide from entering the last chicane to T1. I couldnt hold my inside line, so I pushed him wide - very sorry for that. Wanted to let him by again, but waited a few laps, until he got some space between him and the other drivers around.

    After letting him by, I repassed a few laps later. Didnt see what happened up front, but all of a sudden, I was 4th. Pitted on lap 18, Ben a lap later. I then had opened up a gap of just over 2 seconds, when I caught Saez in the hairpin. He swerved from side to side all the way to Spoon-corner, before he lost his car and blocked the road. I couldnt avoid him, and lost my front wing. Thanks for ruining my best race ever, mate!

    Had to pit again, lap 21 I think. After repairs, I came out about 15 seconds behind Nilsson and de Juan. With only 19 laps left, it was just too little time left to catch them, and I had to settle for 7th. Disappointed - should have been 4th...
  9. Heinz Vanderhoydonck

    Heinz Vanderhoydonck

    Wel it wasn't what i expected from my race, driving 20 m and than a collision. So my race was already over. Pace of the car was terrible after that. A race to forget.
  10. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips

    Qually wasnt great p7 story of my season being bad in qually, But on a positive i didnt test much so was nice not to be outside of top 10 on the grid.

    Got a good start made up 3 places and was all over the gear box of Eduard malorqui, Its weird how i can turn on the pace with a heavy car unlike in qually?!!!
    I think i had the slight edge over mallorqui mainly in sector 1 so i made a pass after watching where he was slower than me.
    I made it into turn 1-2 but after a few laps and pressure from eduard trying to retake i went wide on the uphill in sector 1 and he went past.

    I later had good battles with my team mate and then kjell (who punted me off after i overtook him;P)
    Once i saw there were a ew crashes i was p4 or p5 with only kjell to battle with after he put me off track i rejoined behind andreas who i later passed and went after kjell for my p4 position back!!!! when i got within a second i saw he had massive contact in spoon with saez a back marker, As soon as i sawwings lying i thought there goes my excitment for the race!!!! I used boost 1 from then on and just cruized home, 3rd place at that point was 12 secs infront and i desided that was too much for me to try and close up risking engine or a off.
    I looked on my lcd screen and saw andreas behind alberto....Andreas was my only threat rom here on and managed his pace to the finish.

    Happy with 4 but happier with the team result today!

    p.s Aalberts....... I like brazil too ;)
  11. Mark Aalberts

    Mark Aalberts

    Yeah brazil will be a fruit slot machine i guess, you never know what the outcome will be ^^

    As far as my race counts, im happy with this win all the work since Belgium payed off this time. First time i was realy on it with my qualifying, just a tent slower but i knew my race pace should be good this time. Usual im faster in the race then my qualy places are telling realy. Anyway i had a poor start, missed the lights and lost a few places but made them up pretty quickly. I think i made the right decision to not follow Foht as he had a driver in front of him when going into pit wich costed him some time loss and after that he had a comming togheter with a other driver wich pretty much gave me 1st place. Then whole 2nd stint it was just lapping pace and controlling it from there on to the finish. Feels good to have a win again after a long time so i have something to look back at for the next 5 years :)

    Im not realy sure if i will make the last races though as i just started with a new job, however Brazil isnt such a difficult track so who knows.
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