Race #15, Singapur: Post Race discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Stefan Kanitz, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Stefan Kanitz

    Stefan Kanitz

    Here we go as long as it is within the rules
  2. Martin Gosbee

    Martin Gosbee

    :mad: x billion ¬_¬ Wheel messes up on start.. I get hit while trying to serve drive thru - misses pits... no front wing.. I give in..Was very happy with with Q & race pace, But nope wheel gives in..
    & sorry to all who's race I ruined :/
  3. Joost van der Stoep

    Joost van der Stoep

    My first race and it wasn't easy...

    Pace was not good, I didn't come near my PB.
    In the race I was 17th, until my engine gave it up.

    Nice first race though, but I have to work on my pace, that's for sure!
  4. Jan-Moritz Kammann

    Jan-Moritz Kammann

    I didnt practice any lap, due to exams, so Qually P15 was ok. After 2 laps I think I was already in 8th and that was pretty ok. No one crashed me out, but I slithly hitted a small anti-cut under the bridge which spun me around and stalled the engine. Very bad anti-cut there, as you cant cut anyway.
  5. Heinz Vanderhoydonck

    Heinz Vanderhoydonck

    Short race. After a hectic start managed to climb up to 13 pos. Michaijlo, you were way too late for your braking point m8 when you lost control of your car and made me spin. However, i'am not gonna make a incident report of it, but pay a bit attention next time
  6. Mihajlo Vićentijević

    Mihajlo Vićentijević

    Today definitely was not a God on my side. 2 breaking the connection, during the race a lot of chopping and finally disconnect.
    You are right, the chopping effect on my concentration and it ended badly for me and for you. This was difficult to drive in these circumstances.
    In the end I did not even finish and everything went to hell.
  7. Ben Phillips

    Ben Phillips

    Did some early testing with my team when track was released 2 weeks ago!!! Havnt done any laps intil this morning and it shows! Got what i came for 10 points! I was good off the start, made up 2 places but i think it was ferry "old duck" who missed his braking point and hit me from behind off track in the braking zone of first straight!

    At suzuka i will be back to winning pace!!! ( i hope)!

    Good job andreas!
    Unlucky again jan!
    Oh 1 last thing, kevin brents, we didnt have contact but you lost a wing trying to avoid my car! I was on hard tyres and had not stopped, also the back of my car had suspention damage from old duck koek so i had alot of movement! Sory for your race, when you caught me the 2nd time i let you go some sort of consolation i guess, i noticed you killed your engine so im glad i did not impact your over all result too much!
  8. Mark Aalberts

    Mark Aalberts

    Well im suprised i could fight for p3 to p7 in this race consideringt he lack of practise time i had for this one and to make things worse i got a bit ill friday afternoon as well. I probably have to thank Stefan for the base setup wich worked out pretty ok, i had to make a few tweaks to suite my driving, but during the race the car came towards me. First stop i decided to make a rather early stop in the hope i would be able to jump some drivers wich worked out, managed to jump from p7 to p4.

    And while being behind Teidy for many laps i decided to make a rather early 2nd stop as well again in the hope to jump Teidy for 3th this time. However after my 2nd stop i pushed to much and clipped a inside wall 2 laps after my stop and i lost my front wing so had to make a unscheduled stop and that ended my podium aspirations wich is a shame. Then in the end i wanted to try to get Nilson, but rather though to catch up with him as i was having more worn tyres then he had. In the final lap i got a good run on him but i missed my braking point with 50m and that was it. P7 in the end considering the amount or practise laps i did isnt bad at all , actualy im happy with it if it wasnt for that wing lost
    p3 would have been possible today.

    Also congrats to Pedro and PM for a good season well done.
  9. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    Qualifying: well the best i could do being still bit sick and having not really practice
    Race: got good start just evading everything but on lap 2 i dont know what i was thinking but missed braking point into turn 4 so i just tried to evade hitting everyone and had big contact with wall also fell pretty much to last so had to overtake few guys witch was fun then ben overtook me but i didnt know what he was up to so i had small fight with him witch was fun too but cost some time then i had small twitch so i fell second behind and ben overtook other driver who was lagging so i lost 10 seconds to ben behind him and so i went in for early pitstop
    Witch didnt work out got lapped and had to fight hard with others who had stops to go so i was pretty much lost after that then after some mistakes Kjell caught up to me but he was smart and pitted cause i had damage in my car so he was able to catch up pretty fast and overtook me after that i spun in last corner?!? dunno how but just lost control and front wing after that all i had to do is drive carefully to take sure 10 points
  10. Kjell-Einar Svendsen

    Kjell-Einar Svendsen

    Surprised to be 10th in Qual with my pace, but it seems like quite a few others struggled as well.

    Warmup lap was awful as Euysal was lagging heavily. Most of the time he was gone, but suddenly he would pop up anywhere. So I tried to hold a good distance to 8th - hope this didnt upset the people behind too much.

    Start was decent, but in T1, Ben Phillips decided he didnt want another race fighting with me, and sent me into the inside wall...:tongue:

    ...no, actually it was rather an unfortunate way of our lines crossed each other. I was at a slightly different angle, we hit, and I had a long slide into the wall, missing my front wing. Nothing either of us could have done I think, other than giving more room, but that is easier said than done in T1.

    Race was heavily compromised by this, but had a decent run up through the field to 10th position. Hope I wasnt too much in the way of the leaders lapping me.
    Know I probably gave Allar a heartstopping moment, when I spun in the last sector, and ended up stranded in the middle of the racingline when he came past, but I just didnt move a thing, and he luckily missed me.

    He caught me on the last lap as well, trying to lap me for a second time, but I knew he had a considerable lead, and since I was catching up heavily on Del Piccolo, I was doing everyting I could to get that extra lap. Blue flags through most of the last half of the lap, but I never got the warning, so I pushed to the end, got the extra lap, and passed Del Piccolo for 10th!
    Hope you can bear with me on that one Allar? :)
    (still did the Fastest Lap of the race on that one, so I can't have held you up too much)

    Grats to the podium, and to Precision for perfect season.
  11. Kevin Brents

    Kevin Brents

    Wouldnt have blown it if I didn't try to make up all the ground I lost having to repair my wing :rolleyes:
    I didnt think we touched either but the game sure thought we did.
  12. Alessio Spinelli

    Alessio Spinelli

    well... this was probably my last race in fsr and it was happy to fight with you all, a group of correct and optimum pilots! My congratulations to all of you.

    My race: The feeling with the track wasn't good just from the start, my first race here in Singapore, We have seen in qualify time, 24°. Unfortunatly I forgot to load race setup before end of pre-q and i can push in race like I would. So I ran in defense, try to do not make errors, with a strategy on 1 pit-stop. Thanks to some mistakes of others and my clean race I finish in 13° position.

    Bye mate!! ;)
  13. Andreas Umminger

    Andreas Umminger

    Qualifying was not strong like expected. Had lots of trouble to find the rythm for this difficult track. Nevertheless I was not dissapointed about my spot 20 on the grid. Was off my PB quite much but still it was ok.

    Race: Here comes the negative about a grid possition 20. In the back people just don´t stay calm at the start. Really...why do some of you risk so much in the first corner? We should really all together work on that to stay cool there, because it really destroys peoples races who practiced lots and lots. I am not talking about my race now, because I survived the start without loosing a wing (only rear wing was yellow :p).
    Anyways. Sorry to Swendsen, for sliding into you because I didn´t see you was running without frontwing. And I was supriced how slow you went in the chicane (understandable because of no frontwing).
    Well it must have been a lap later that I lost my frontwing, too. Pittet and tried to drive error-free. Except some few little errors that didn´t damage my car luckylie, I drove my pace (I was not to happy with it), and was quite much busy to let through the lapping cars smoothly which I hopefully succeeded, but I am quite confident, that I didn´t cause any troubles. Ended my race in P15. Quite happy with that, since my pace was not good at all.

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