Race #11, Germany: Post-Race Discussion

Well after one of my best Qualifying in a long time and still be 16th says a lot for how close the field was. I had found it hard enough to hit 14's but was only a tenth off my PB so was incredibly pleased even 16th.

Got a very good start off line. Clean through T1 and then a TMo car came straight across my line and nose spearing me in to the barrier taking off nose and front left.

Absolutely gutted.
I got hit from behind on the formation lap. Couldn't believe it... It's supposed to be World Series, it's so amature to crash into someone on the formation lap, surely someone who has a brain should understand where not racing, and not sit RIGHT on your tail around the whole lap... So yeah that basically ended my race before it even started. I desided to run with the damage having an idea it would be pretty bad, but it was even worse than i expected, car was all over the place and was running about 3 seconds off my race pace, so i forced to pit on lap 3 from 10th and had to sit there to repair the damage. So basically i ran last the entire race. Atleast i finished but i am missing out on good finishes, where i think a good finish was possible.
Nick, my apologies for the 2nd corner incident. I got hit before on the left causing my car to bounce outside and had trouble getting on the right line again as you can see in the replay. I really had no clue about the fact that your car was on the inside and I actually didn't even notice that I hit you. It was not ment, because I'm not that kind of driver.

Since you were talking about a TMo driver, I didn't expect it was me you were talking about, since you started from the back of the grid... You really had a superstart! That's why my response is a bit late.
Yeah yeah. I did see someone almost spear in to you, it's just the fact I was there and all of a sudden I had nowhere to go and it fired me in to the wall.

It is unfortunate. Just feel gutted after putting a great deal of work in.
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