Race #10, Silverstone: Grid 2 Classification

Craig Johnston
Mihajlo Vicentijevic
Jacques Olivier
Elia Costa
Chris Knight

and everyone else you missed PQ due to some reasons. If you think it is useless to do a Grid 2 race with these less drivers then tell me that.

Sunday, 13:30 GMT: G2 Server opens
Sunday, 13:40 GMT: G2 Warmup
Sunday, 13:50 GMT: G2 Race Start
I'm also ready for race!! Let's go guys!! have fun!! :D

p.s.: If is usefull to other....
I can't join server with FSR Manager, error: can't find .PLR file. The problem was that I have the folder name different from plr file name!!!! Damn!!!!!

Hope to be usefull!
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