Race #10, Great Britain: Post-Race Discussion


Quali: 30.3, new PB but still only enough for P10.


I knew I had decent race pace, so I was confident after my qualifying (I thought I would be much further down the grid) that I could score good points.

Majority of the grid made their 2nd pitstop a lot earlier than what I was comfortable with. I lost about 5 seconds because of this, but I don't think it would've made a difference because thanks to my late stop I was able to pass Prevot and then make sure he didn't pass me again. If I had pitted the same time as Jaakko, he would've probably been faster than me and passed me sooner or later.

P6 in the end, equaling my second best result of the year.
Qualifying : Was brilliant for me, 30.5 and was quite a bit faster than my PB, still P15.

Race : Was a terrible start for me and after like 2 laps I was in 19th. Got up to 17th and was stuck behind Kerkhof. When I passed him down the Hanger Straight I was able to slowly pull away, and match John Eric Saxén. Pitted on lap 13 and came out behind Santi, took me a while to get passed and here I knew I wasn't able to be anywhere close to the battle in front, so after I got passed Santi I wasn't able to pull away too much. JES spun but came out in front of me. He then drove away, When Dennis pitted for his second stop he came quickly behind me. I knew he wasn't in my race so didn't defend. Pitted with 20 laps to go and came out around 4 seconds behind Blair Disley and Santi. When they both pitted I was in 14th. Last stint Blair ate me up and last 3/4 laps we were battling. Came really close but he didn't have enough straight line speed and I held on to 14th.

Decent debut in World Champ, congrats to podium.
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