Race #10, Australia: Post-Race Discussion

Must say, pretty clean driving today, but IMO that was the least exciting race of the season so far, after Morand's DC there was barely any action.
The nature of the track does not lend itself to overtaking sadly.

I had one action packed stint and then it all went quiet until I caught Dian, backwards, 2 laps from the end - unfortunate for him but sometimes strategies just don't work and hand positions to your rivals. Apart from that I am fairly happy with 7th although my qualifying was appaling which I am most disappointed about.
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Really amazing Race for me if I make an exception for last 5 laps :D

Q1 - pb and 4th place.
Q2 - made a conservative lap, tried to not cut and deserved 7th place.

Race - made quite good start, managed to keep my original position, but after S1 David made a mistake and that allowed me to jump him and win 1 position. I was planned to do 4 stops and I just had to undercut everybody around me. Everything worked perfect I was keeping 4th position and was easy to defend it. In lap 30 I decided to change my strategy on 3 stops instead of 2 stints x 12 laps. In the end all you know, that didn't worked and I failed loosing 4 positions, maybe If I had 2 more laps less for last stint, I could have do it. But thanks to my engine, I'm not that angry now, because is better to retire from 8th, instead from 4th :p

Very unlucky weekend for us. We started well with Ville and had great chance for top 10. Just we crossed this season and will drive to the end without any expectations. Cheers to the podium finnishers and cya.
soooooo pm takes constructors i think its fair if morand took drivers together with the crown7 Netrex familia :inlove: gonna be an epic battle in suzuka!