Race 1 doesn't get recorded & Glance back/right/left sdnly not working


Wien Austria
Hi folks,
I need help with two issues I've encountered recently:

When doing a double feature in an AC online race like the Monday and Wednesday events here at RD (2x25min) only the second race gets recorded. In CM my settings are "limit for races: 5; qualifications: 3; other sessions 3; minimum time 80sec; max size 1GB"

The other issues is, that suddenly the "glance left/right/back" buttons are not working. I always had them bound to L2/R2/Select on my T300 and it worked. But since 2 or 3 weeks, pressing the button does nothing. I think there was an update for CM in the last weeks but I'm not sure if thats related to that issue.

Thanks for any help and advice