Race #1, Bahrain: Post-Race Discussion

Kris Cobb

Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal
Feel free to discuss the race in this thread, as long as it is within the forum rules.

Kris Cobb

Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal
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Everything was good with the Broadcast and Racing in General, just a shame Giordano Valeriano retired very early, not the debut ACR wanted in the ACE Division hope it will change tommorow in both the PRO and WC Divisions

P.S. Really want my intro included in the broadcast ;)
Qualy: not bad, I was worried about qualy on this track but finally I started in a good position, 5º.

Race 1: Start was good and tried to overtake agresively twister cars. Maybe too agresive, I hit Kiss and I decided to climb to the sky, might should have thought a little more before trying to overtake, but seeing this I can't believe how this happened.


Having an accident is normal, but this kind of accident it isn't. Maybe I'm wrong but I think this is physically impossible. After this issue, my car was too damaged to try something, so I couldn't do anything else.

Race 2: Good start but it was an accident in front of me :(. I have some incidents in this race, and many of them were my fault. As I said to teammates, I'm embarrased with my race, I have to give a lot more of me on a team at this level, so I only can say sorry and doing my best in races that I'll be able to participate.

I think we had pace, but we have to learn from mistakes and face races with another philosophy. See you in Malaysia.
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This happened right today:

So actually yea, it's more than physically posible. Or just look at last weekend F1 race when Gutiérrez got Maldonadoed. Tyre contact between openwheelers is dangerous, and this is not rF1 anymore.

I have to admit though I couldn't believe you could stay on track after the incident, respect.
The flips themselves may have been a bit unrealistic but it is realistic that the car did flip.

For me was a good solid weekend. Race 1 I qualified far worse than I should have done and left myself some work to do. Decided to get the medium tyre stint out of the way early and change to softs for the final 2 stints of the race and eventually climbed up to 11th place by the end.

Race 2 I had a really good race and was running 9th at one point but on my pit stop changed to the new set of tyres maybe one or two laps too early and tyres were shot by the end so lost position to Gennaro near the end but two 11th places isn't too bad, just a shame was out of the top 10 just twice.
Considering my Q pace i did expect to end somewhere towards the end of the grid but not really that far. However, what was shocking is even if I would have pull out a time which I was able to do before the race it would only be 3-4 places better on the grid. O_o

Race start went quite good, was a bit nervous for the first FSR race. Had an accident in round 3 and wasn't able to continue.

I watched the race over the broadcast and knowing how it can be in the car I think it was a great race. Overall I think it was a very successful start in the season for FSR. Great organization, great broadcast and great first race. Congratulations on that.

Also grats to the podium guy's. Well done.