Race #09, Europe: Post-Race Discussion

very little testing so not reallu much to say
only was happy about that i not had to start last
To ronny i tried to overtake u on the outside in sector 1,
But rear end snapped under braking so i am really sorry for Ronny
In the end i finished 5 laps from leader Bono Huis
So i fininshed where i started 15th
Q: really good Q-result, was very happy that we got p4 and p6.
R: not a good start from Fredrik, Mat got stuck behind Greco later. We improved our racepace, but in the end some engine and brake problems due to the improvement...we will be up there in top5 with both cars as long as we can survive the first few laps. We still need to improve a bit more to fight for the victory. Also a big thanks to Dan Rasmusson, our race-engineer, without him we might not have finished today!

Congrats Bono, Rasmus and Bruno for the podium! Jaakko for a fair fight and you got a deserved 4th place. Congrats also of course to my drivers Fredrik and Mathieu, keep it up!

Thanks to the commentary booth, Mr. Lam and Mr. Wilde! Very good broadcast, also to Ivan as cameraguy I believe. We, the RR team, enjoyed it with everyone!

Quali: 1:35.192, was hoping for at least 0.2 better. P13, my average this year.

Race: I took the start pretty cautiously, gained 1 position before the end of the lap.

My 1st stint felt ok, I felt I could've challenged for P8 but I made too many mistakes. Things started going badly in the 2nd stint, I didn't feel comfortable while braking, which is the most important thing on this track to gain laptime.

Very tight battle in the end with Dennis, David and Agustin. I managed to get in front and after that I thought I had P8 secured, but David was able to pass me on the 2nd to last lap.

Points again, could've been worse.
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