[RACE 07] WTCC @ Brands Hatch Indy: 8th March 2008

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  1. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes

    Hi to all of our Friendly Development Series Fans and Supporters.

    Because we have missed this series while the RSC Forum has been down, we have decided to re-schedule the last event and try again this weekend. I have lost all of the previous sign-up lists and event details in the forum crash, so I have tried to remember as close as possible the event details. Unfortunately, as a result of losing this info, we will have to start the sign-ups again from fresh.

    Don't forget that this race will be short, tight, and will involve plenty of heavy traffic, even lots of cars being lapped, so be prepared for some different challenges to your patience and driving skills.
    Please also remember to follow the FD Series spirit, this is not about results but learning or helping others to develop.

    Date: Saturday 08.03.08
    Practise: 18.30 GMT 60 min
    Qualy: 19.30 GMT 20 min
    Race: 19.50 GMT
    Weather: Variable (It is England after all)

    Track: Brands Hatch Indy
    Laps: 2 Races * 30 laps
    Cars: WTCC 06 and WTCC 07
    Weather: Variable

    Server name: RSC # RPMnet.org
    Password: spa

    If you want to participate in this event, please fill in the form you can find below. As in the previous FD Series events, there will be 2 servers open, but if more than 50 people sign up, they will be put on the reserve list.

    If one or more drivers report their absence prior to the event, the grid is filled up with the drivers on the reserve list.

    Thanks to Oliver, all skins have been included in one download for your convenience:

    SIGN UP FOR RACE NIGHT - FD Series Brands Hatch

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: 
    Name in RACE07 : 
    Entry Car: 
    Special remarks:

    Server 1 - RSC @ RPMnet.org #1
    1. Jim Cole - Seat
    2. Shivan - Alfa
    3. Gaynall Hudgins - Seat Leon
    4. Robert Crone - Chevrolet Lacetti
    5. Canuck59NHL - Seat Leon: car skin
    6. darron miller - Seat Leon
    7. Ross Balfour - Bmw 320si
    8. Roy.S - Seat Leon
    9. Ricky Willox - Alfa 156
    10. Simon Trendell - BMW E90: car skin
    11. nico_major - BMW E46
    12. Michael Herrmann - Alfa 156: car skin
    13. Nevermind - BMW E46
    14. Degreef Gregory[NO-B] - Seat Leon car skin
    15. Eckhart von Glan - Alfa 156: car skin
    16. Baron-Rouge[NO-B] - Seat Leon car skin
    17. Neil Tennant - Seat Leon: car skin
    18. Terry Harmer - Leon/Chevy car skin
    19. LuisR - Seat Leon
    20. ingemar petersson - Seat 06
    21. David Lemon - Seat Leon
    22. Gareth Hickling - Seat Leon
    23. Chris Browne - Alfa 156
    24. victor shaw - Seat Leon
    25. Theo de Bruin - Seat Leon
    Server 2 - RSC @ RPMnet.org #2
    1. Jamie Wilson - Seat Leon
    2. CrazydocBZH - Seat Leon: car skin
    3. dane[BZH] - ?
    4. Jojo - Seat car skin
    5. Geoffrey Heuzard - Seat leon 07
    6. Sébastien Poidevin - Seat leon
    7. Sylvain Mirlaud - Seat Leon
    8. Sven De Nys - Chevy 07
    9. James Yates - Seat Leon car skin
    10. Patrick van Driel - Seat Leon
    11. Attila Domjan - Seat Leon
    12. Lawrence Shaw - Seat
    13. pauliebhoy - Seat Leon
    14. Paul Bordeau - Seat Leon
    15. Alonso[NO-B] - Seat Leon
    16. Oliver Amos - Seat Toledo
    17. Ben Tusting - Seat Leon
    18. Marco [NO-B] - Seat Leon
    19. Jerome Benard - Alfa 156
    20. Mehmet Arikan - Seat Leon
    21. Jari Vinnari - Chevy 07
    22. Tobias Röhner - BMW E46
    23. Jacco Cornelissen - Seat
    24. Christophe Burton - Seat Leon
    25. Michael Sharpe - Chevy

    1. Stephane Dejoux - Seat Leon: car skin
    2. Jerome Benard - Alfa
    3. Driver
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Gearjammer
    Name in RACE07 : Jim Cole
    Age: 48
    Control: DFP Wheel
    Entry Car: SEAT
    Special remarks: Sign me up tentatively. I have to see about getting a new job and am not absolutely sure I can make it, but will do my best. :)
  3. Dominic Finders

    Dominic Finders

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Shivan
    Name in RACE07 : Shivan
    Age: 24
    Control: Thrustmaster wheel
    Entry Car: Alfa 156 or GTA ( stil to be decided)
    Special remarks:Got game?
  4. Gaynall Hudgins

    Gaynall Hudgins

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Gaynall Hudgins
    Name in RACE07: Gaynall Hudgins
    Age: 44
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Chevy
    Special remarks: Vroom!

    EDIT: Lots of Seats in the field, will change to a Chevy just to mix things up a bit!:biggrin:
  5. Robert Crone

    Robert Crone

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Pastrelli / Robert Crone
    Name in RACE07 : Robert Crone
    Age: 15
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Chevrolet Lacetti
    Special remarks: -
  6. Sébastien Degraeve

    Sébastien Degraeve

    Hi all,

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Sébastien Degraeve[NO-B]/Canuck59NHL
    Name in RACE07 : Canuck59NHL
    Age: 28
    Control: Driving Force Pro
    Entry Car: Seat Leon 07
    Special remarks: I will be there to spy on competitors of the next RSC championship.....lol


  7. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: RBalfour679
    Name in RACE07 : RBalfour679
    Age: 13
    Control: Gamepad
    Entry Car: Bmw 320si
    Special remarks:Sign me up as Ross Balfour please!!
  8. Christophe Berton

    Christophe Berton

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Christophe Burton
    Name in RACE07 : Christophe Burton
    Age: 15
    Control: Logitech Momo Racing Steer
    Entry Car: Seat Leon
    Special remarks: I hope i can drive this time
    Do you can put me in the reserve list:) plz

    i race with this skin:)
  9. Darron Miller

    Darron Miller

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: darron miller
    Name in RACE07 : darron miller
    Age: 250
    Control: round thing with gears
    Entry Car: seat
    Special remarks:im crap and dont mind comming last its still fun
  10. Roy Stevens

    Roy Stevens

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Roy.s
    Name in RACE07 : Roy Stevens
    Age: 37
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: seat leon
    Special remarks:drive it like u stole it :)
  11. Ricky Willox

    Ricky Willox

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: D1A
    Name in RACE07 : Ricky Willox
    Age: 42
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Alfa 156 07
    Special remarks:If I am in front of you. You just crashed.
  12. Michael Herrmann

    Michael Herrmann

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Michael Herrmann
    Name in RACE07 : Michael Herrmann
    Age: 37
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Alfa 156 '07
    Special remarks: indy action ;D i just hope it wont rain cats and dogs, england is knowen for that
    Skin: Herrmann Motorsport Alfa156 '07 sorry that i cant direct link to the file. get the nmv_alfa156.rar

    Attached Files:

  13. Simon Trendell

    Simon Trendell

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: SAJAX
    Name in RACE07 : Simon Trendell
    Age: 18
    Control: DFP
    Entry Car: BMW E90 '07 (skin)
    Special remarks: My local track, lets hope I do well.
  14. Nico Major

    Nico Major

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: nico_major
    Name in RACE07 : ocin
    Age: 31
    Control: Logitech MOMO
    Entry Car: BMW E46
    Special remarks: this will be interesting - I guess
  15. Erik Åhlen

    Erik Åhlen

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Nevermind
    Name in RACE07 : Nevermind
    Age: 14
    Control: Logitech FF RX
    Entry Car: BMW E46
    Special remarks: ...
  16. Gregory Degreef

    Gregory Degreef

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Degreef Gregory[NO-B]
    Name in RACE07 : beep_greg[NO-B]
    Age: 30
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Seat 07
  17. David Guehennec

    David Guehennec

    hello warren :)

    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Baron-rouge[NO-B]
    Name in RACE07 : Baron-rouge[NO-B]
    Age: 30
    Control: g25
    Entry Car: seat leon
    Special remarks: again test connection :) ,If I can not be on Saturday, I would put a message in the week

    Warren and you, you will be in the race?
  18. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan


    Name on RSC/RPM forum: Eckhart von Glan
    Name in RACE07 : Eckhart von Glan
    Age: 43
    Control: Saitek R440 ffb wheel
    Entry Car: Alfa Romeo 07
    Special remarks: let#s try again!

    my BFR Alfa Skin (no need to download if you participated in the Monza WTCC race from the weekend before, same skin):

  19. Neil Tennant

    Neil Tennant


    Attached Files:

  20. Terry Harmer

    Terry Harmer

    Tel's Entry

    Name on RSC/RPM forum:Terry Harmer / Tel
    Name in RACE07 : Terry Harmer
    Age: 51
    Control: G25
    Entry Car: Leon or Chevy

    My Home Track so gotta do it

    Will add a skin when I get home in a few hours time.skin now added

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